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What to Wear for the Fall Season

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

default-featimageOne problem of being a college student is making sure you have the proper clothing for this time of year. It seems like during fall, some days you can get away with not wearing a sweatshirt, while other days you really need that North Face you decided to leave at home.

Many of us went home last weekend and probably brought most of our summer clothes home. In return, hopefully some fall clothes came back to school with you. With the little room we have in our closets, it may be hard to decide if it was time to bring back some of those winter clothes.

Personally, I decided to bring some back. I would rather have some warm clothes with me rather than being cold when the temperature starts to drop. If you are an athlete on campus, it might be a good idea to bring out the Under Armour apparel. Who knows what the rest of the fall season will bring?

So, if you haven’t brought some winter clothes back to campus, you might want to think about it just in case it gets colder than expected.

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