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What to Wear for the Holiday Season — Fashion Buzz

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer

With the holidays coming up, people are beginning to get festive. They’re breaking out their Christmas sweaters, earrings, antler headbands and everything else they have that’s red or green.

Not that being festive is a problem, but there are just some big Christmas outfit no-no’s. Such as that ugly Christmas sweater that you’ve convinced yourself is okay to wear out in public. It’s not, nor will it ever be socially acceptable.

Now, I am not 100 percent sure who came up with the idea that women should strut their stuff in lumpy sweaters with snowmen and Santas on them, but whoever it was, was wrong.

Obviously, accessories are a must when it comes to holiday parties. However, one must be choosey. No reindeer pins or tree pendants. And of course, the biggest don’t of all, light-up earrings. Never, ever for fashion’s sake, wear light-up snowflakes or trees.

The next naughty item on my list is the Santa costume/dress. This dress is the real reason why grandma got run over by a reindeer. She wore the horrible Santa costume/dress to her work party, and on her way back to her car that night, boom! Grandma got run over by a reindeer.

Next is the sleeveless vest with the hideous fuzzy neck and the Christmas trees and stars stitched all over the front of it. It is one thing to want to go sleeveless to your holiday party, but sleeveless in this sweater, no.

Christmas is not a time for you to wear weird plants and reindeer antlers in your hair. Use the pine cone from your headpiece as a centerpiece on your table. That is the absolute only place that pinecone belongs.

Lastly, and maybe the most important thing to remember, is that holly-embroidered “mom jeans” have never, and will never be in style. Again, holly makes a fantastic decoration, so just let it be a decoration.

Hope these few tips help you dress yourself fabulously this holiday. Try not to scare your family members or co-workers away with the Christmas fashion no-no’s I have mentioned.

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