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Wheels of Change Starts Journey

Depression and cycling have never really been placed into the same folder before.

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Depression and cycling have never really been placed into the same folder before.

However, Springfield College graduates Dylan Peterson and Jim Dang, are rewriting the script.

“Personally, I found that exercise was my best asset in attacking depression,” commented Dang, who along with Peterson has and continues to battle with depression.

“To me, recreating is the best natural therapy. Now, with our biking trip, I am effectively helping my depression and raising awareness.”

“There are other ways to get recreational therapy as well,” added Peterson. “Depression attacks people in different ways and it is something that cannot be beat but it can be managed.”

Peterson and Dang set out last week on a cross-country biking trip in which they plan on riding across the United States, stopping and volunteering whenever and wherever they can.

Having started in Vermont, Peterson and Dang landed in Springfield 250 miles into their 14-month journey. Covering about 70 miles a day, both riders are determined and excited to continue to get stronger and bring humanics wherever they end up.

“We are going to begin volunteering in New York City,” said Peterson. “There are a couple agencies we would like to help but there are always volunteer options where we go.”

The first week of their highly anticipated journey was spent with friends, family members and familiar faces willing to help them on their way. 

Even though both men have completed a trip similar to this in 2011, this trek sees Peterson and Dang tackling a completely different challenge. With fund raising becoming a huge part of the trip, the new element has provided yet another obstacle for the bikers.

“The money goes towards the essentials we will need like food, first aid and bike maintenance,” stated Peterson.

“The other half of raising money is for the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, a charitable organization that does research and initiatives for mental health and mental health awareness,” continued Dang.

With their journey continuing towards New York City for the remainder of the week, Peterson and Dang continue to spread spirit, mind and body wherever they go. In true Springfield fashion, both bikers have and continue to touch and affect as many lives as they can possibly reach.

To follow Peterson’s and Dang’s Wheels of Change journey you can go to or check out their twitter, @dylanandjim.

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