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Women’s club hockey promotes passion for the game

By Tucker Paquette

The Springfield College women’s club hockey team undoubtedly enjoys on-ice success. After all, who doesn’t?

But at the same time, members of the team place a strong emphasis on the ability to have a good time – something that rivals flashy goal scoring or strong goaltending.

“It’s a very inclusive team, and we want to have anyone who loves to play the game,” sophomore Alice Mead said.

What’s more, the club welcomes new players of any skill level. Mead made note of how the team has a range of differently skilled players, ranging from those who just recently learned to skate to others who could compete at a Division I level.

“Everybody is so accepting,” sophomore Kat Gilbert said. “We have a wide variety of skill levels and an amazing coaching staff.”

While the team bonds on the ice, there are ample enjoyable experiences that take place in non-game or practice settings. One such aspect is getting to know new people.

“My favorite part [about the team] is definitely my teammates,” Mead said. “They are my rock, [and] everything that happens, whether good or bad, they’re always there to support you.”

Mead mentioned how the team came back early from winter break, allowing players to bond and strengthen their relationships with each other.

The team practices two times per week and plays games once or twice on weekends.

“Anybody is welcome to come to practice and [see if they like it],” Gilbert said.

On a related note, an overarching goal of this team is to develop an affection for the game of hockey amongst its players.

“We want to see everyone learn to love the game, because girls hockey isn’t [overly] popular,” Mead said. “We want to see it continue to grow.”

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