Would Lebron leave Cleveland again?

Brendan McLean
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Cavaliers Facebook Page.

LeBron wouldn’t leave Cleveland again, would he? With the NBA playoffs beginning soon and the Cleveland Cavaliers being the odds on favorites to win the eastern conference, how can LeBron possibly leave? People seem to forget LeBron signed a two year deal with Cleveland when he first left Miami.

People from the James camp suggested this is so he can maximize his earning potential when the new collective bargaining agreement kicks in. Other have suggested LeBron did this for leverage over the team, and then some believe he did this to make sure he stays in the spot light. The bottom line is, whether the Cavaliers win the whole thing or lose in round one, The King is a free agent this summer.

Now, LeBron could resign a life-time massive contract with the Cavaliers the second the new agreement kicks in and this whole conversation is mute. He most likely will. But, he does have a track record of leaving when he loses. In 2010 the Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics in the playoffs, and then “The Decision” happened. In 2014, the Miami Heat lost to the San Antonio Spurs and he went home.

Going home to Cleveland helped LeBron the brand in so many ways. But, did it help the player? He has been in five straight finals and is an All-Time player, but, in comparison to Jordan, Bryant, Johnson, and Bird; LeBron comes up short. If the Cavaliers lose in the finals to the Warriors or Spurs and the Cavs look over matched, could he consider free agency? With his past, it’s impossible to rule this out.

When LeBron announced his return to Cleveland, he announced it with a Sports Illustrated article. “But what’s most important for me is bringing one trophy back to Northeast Ohio.” The King believes winning one in Cleveland is more important than the amount of trophies he has at the end of his career. When LeBron went home, he gained a lot of fans and a ton of respect from fans.

But, two years later, a coach has been fired, Wiggins was traded, Love isn’t as good as expected, and Irving doesn’t seem to blend with James as well as experts thought. The team can’t seem to stay healthy and the bench is inconsistent at best. LeBron has all the leverage in Cleveland and if the team loses in the finals again, you can bet changes will be made to the roster. If he doesn’t like those changes, expect him to use his leverage.

If I were a betting man, I would wager LeBron stays in Cleveland, but, how can we rule out the fact that he leaves? Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami will all have money and massive interest in the player. The “Brotherhood” rumors that surfaced a few weeks ago is still a possibility as well. Oh, and Kevin Durant is a free agent as well. The King will certainly have some enticing offers available to him.

I can imagine anyone reading this thinking it’s crazy. But, is it? In 2010 no one thought, except Stephen A. Smith, that LeBron, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh would make a power team in Miami. In 2014, many thought he would stay in Miami. Now, its 2016, and many fans expect him to stay in Cleveland for life. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

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