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Writer Linda Hogan Visits Springfield College

Tyler Stinson

Staff Writer

William Simpson Fine Arts along with the Hu­manities department hosted Chickasaw poet, novelist, and memoirist Linda Hogan in­side Marsh Memorial to read her poetry to the Springfield College community. A Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for her most recent book “Rounding the Human Corners”, Hogan has also received a life time achievement award from Na­tive Writers Circle of the Americas, and Wordcraft Cir­cle. Hogan is currently Writer in Residence for the Chicka­saw Nation and one of the most influential Native Amer­ican writers in contemporary American literature.

In a soft, calm voice Ho­gan told stories and gave background about her poems describing what her poems where about and how events in her life brought her to write them. Her first poem “Euca­lyptus” was “about being a hu­man being” described Hogan, and how “we should learn to take down our layers or shields that we put up in our life.” Be­ing greatly influenced by na­ture, Hogan shared stories of her experiences with a pack of wolves around her land, and the time she let the wasps inside her room and began to share a schedule with them. Hogan also read poems like “Green Moss” written for her friends who love each other very much and show how two people can sometimes become one. A story about her Uncle and his deep low and beauti­ful singing voice preluded the poem “The Singer”.

Hogan also visited with an advance creative writing poetry class taught by Pro­fessor Margaret Lloyd who also earlier that day. Sharing her experiences in writing with the class, Hogan lent her knowledge to the future writ­ers of the world. “It was great to have her talk about and ex­plain the meanings behind her poems”, said Alison McHor­ney, student in Professor Lloyd’s class. “It’s important to know you go through a lot of different parts and pieces to get a final product when writ­ing,” said Hogan giving advice to young writers as she talked about her process of writing and “trimming the edges” of her work to come out with a smooth final product.

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