Writing Hub Offers a Great Resource for Students to Improve Their Skills

By Cait Kemp
News Editor

Coming back to school this fall, students have been met with a somewhat normal looking semester. Most classes are back in person, which means a normal workload is piling back up. Many are feeling the stress of this normalcy and are overwhelmed with homework, assignments, and essays that seem to be never ending.

Luckily for Springfield College students, there are amazing resources available right within the Learning Commons that they can take advantage of whenever help is needed. 

The Writing Hub is one of these resources for students to use when they need that little extra support. Overseen by Anne Wheeler, Writing Program Director, the Hub is an opportunity for students to better their writing and learn how to grow in the field as well. It has a staff of professionals who excel and are knowledgeable about all types of writing who are available for one-on-one appointments for students to meet with. They also respond to drafts via email, and make it as easy as editing your essay through that. 

The Hub is located in the Academic Success Center, which is on the third floor of the Learning Commons. There are other resources located there as well, such as tutoring, disability and accessibility services, academic coaching and MTEL assistance. There is a broad range of options to best suit the students of Springfield College to help them succeed and reach their fullest potential. 

Writing can be difficult, especially for majors that may not focus on it as much as English and Journalism. After taking labs and science and math classes, the writing skills may be a little rusty. The Writing Hub allows students to really hone in on these skills and get help that will be valuable to them moving forward.

According to the Writing Hub page on Springfield College’s website, the Hub looks to encourage students to work through a writing process, use collaborative agenda setting, and offer standalone or ongoing support in order to give students the tools and knowledge they need to flourish in their writing on their own in the future. So, the Hub not only helps students with a specific assignment, but promotes self-growth so that they can succeed without their assistance moving forward. 

It is also a great way for students to bond and connect with faculty members that they may have not interacted with otherwise. The staff includes four exceptionally profound writing professionals. 

Elizabeth Mikesch is an author of a short story collection, and has worked with students for over 10 years. She is well-versed in the literature and writing department and is available to help students with whatever they need. 

Joining her on the Hub staff is Joel Simundich, a lecturer in the Literature, Writing, and Journalism (LWJ) department and teaches Writing I and II courses. He has experience in many different areas, such as working for a writing center, an academic journal and has been an instructor at several different institutions. 

Mike Spry, an adjunct professor at Springfield College, teaches Composition I and II and also assists with the Writing Hub. He also has an impressive writing resume, like writing for The Toronto Star, The National Post, MTV and even wrote several books. 

Wheeler rounds out the quad of specialists. As aforementioned, she is the Writing Director as well as the Assistant Professor of Composition and Rhetoric in the LWJ Department. 

With this outstanding group of professors to help, the Writing Hub proves to be a reliable source to make students better. To get help through the Writing Hub, visit to request a meeting via Zoom to have a face-to-face conversation, or submit a draft to get written feedback.

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