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Yes+ Course: The Art of Living

Melissa Milich
Staff Writer


For several years, Springfield College has had the opportunity to host the Yes+ course, open to all students on campus. This four-day introspective retreat includes personal and group activities focused on giving students the opportunity to reflect, acknowledge and accept more about their peers and themselves.

Led by a trained instructor, the program takes participants through various leadership workshops and Sudarshan Kriya meditation. Like Springfield’s philosophy, Sudarshan Kriya meditation focuses on the spirit, mind and body. The premise for this type of meditation is to train the mind to manage negative emotions to live the freest life possible.

The group goes through multiple concrete exercises, yet the abstract concepts are what  make this process come full circle.

“It really helps you put life into perspective and let go of the little things that don’t matter,” said Kelsi Lynde, president of Your Enlightened Side. “People typically think of meditation as having your head in the clouds, however, meditation is all about being grounded. You learn how to connect your thoughts and feelings to your everyday life to center yourself.”

Through these internal and external experiences, participants build connections with those with whom they experience the course, and are given the skills to strengthen relationships with others. During this course, participants are encouraged to live in the moment and to discover untapped potential and happiness.

“It really makes you question how much you really accept yourself and the people around you,” stated Lynde.

In today’s fast-paced and demanding society, self-reflection and awareness become scarce. Programs like Yes+ enable people to take a step back and give themselves over to a full experience. This program is targeted at college-age students who are feeling the brunt of stress concerning grades, job-searching, living away from home, and maintaining healthy relationships.

When programs like Yes+ are available to the campus community, they give people the opportunity to establish a balanced, cohesive life. People walk away from the course with an enhanced memory, improved leadership skills, less stress and anxiety, and a happier, more content life.

“You may not feel the effect one or two days afterwards, [and] it could take up to weeks, but when it clicks, it’s amazing,” said Lynde.

Springfield will be hosting another Yes+ course on November 21 through November 24.

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