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Apps To Help Select The Right Outfit

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

Sometimes it’s just so hard to pick out what to wear. You might think to yourself, “Is this sweater from four years ago still acceptable to wear in public?”, or “What shoes should I wear with this outfit?” Thankfully, social media is here to help. Here are a few apps and websites to check out.

If you aren’t already using Pinterest, this is a must for finding awesome fashion ideas. Just looking at a few pictures can give you a good idea of what you can pair together in your closet. For instance, if you search ‘bean boot outfits’ you can see some ideas on what to wear with them. You might even find new styles you love and where to buy them

A fashion app you can download for free is Mallzee. It allows you to select your favorite shopping brands, then like or dislike the outfits that come up. It’s pretty much a Tinder for online shopping. It even includes the prices, and you can make purchases right through the app.

Another free app you should check out is Polyvore. You can select your favorite brands and get suggestions based on items you like. The items include what store they come from and their price. You can even build your own outfit on the app. This can definitely help find some new ideas, or you can use items similar to ones in your own closet to help figure out what looks best together. Once you’re done you can publish your creation to your account.



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