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Arrested Development Ready for A Comeback

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz talks to Lesquiretv while promoting the re-launch of the show on FX UK. 

Matt Vaghi

Graphic Designer

When creator Michael Hurwitz’s astutely intelligent, crafty and hilarious Arrested Development was tragically cancelled back in 2006, it was a brutally harsh blow to devoted fans of the TV series. Sadly, comedies like Two and a Half Men continued to trot out new episodes, while Arrested Development sat on the sidelines. However, uplifting news came about last year when there was the rumor of an Arrested Development movie set to be filmed and released in 2013. In addition, Hurwitz also announced that there would be a 10-episode series shot and aired to bridge the gap between the show and the movie. Netflix is slated to air this truncated fourth season in 2013.

Although there has been uncertainty about whether or not the cast and crew would officially commit to these new plans, Arrested Development writer Dean Lorey recently confirmed on his personal blog that everything is indeed right on track. His website, DeanLorey.com, shows his latest post.

“We’re really doing this thing,” wrote Lorey.  “Mitch Hurwitz, Jim Vallely and I are off writing the new season of ARRESTED to premiere on Netflix on 2013. The original cast is back. There are offices and parking spaces. We’re shooting this year. I wish I could give more specifics but, for the moment, even the schedule is being kept under wraps. But it’s happening and it’s great to be back with my pals from the show.”

No comedy has reached the quality of writing that Arrested Development offers. Every dialogue and recurring joke is perfectly crafted as every loose end ties flawlessly and brilliantly into the next scene. And who can forget the chicken dance, the infamous Banana Stand, Tobias Funke’s Blue Man ambitions, Gob’s awesomely corny magic shows and the other countless features that made Arrested Development such a unique and original show. Jason Bateman’s portrayal of Michael Bluth, the central character that holds the show together, is spot on. Let’s not forget Ron Howard’s keen and witty narration throughout the series.

Arrested Development already has a legacy of excellence in the TV world. It has received a massive amount of praise from critics from all corners of the entertainment industry. Paste Magazine ranked Arrested as the best show of the past decade, out-trumping shows like The Wire and The SopranosEntertainment Weekly ranked the series as the fifth best show of the past decade. Strangely enough, Arrested premiered six weeks after Two and a Half Men’s premiere back in 2003. Although the ratings for Two and a Half Men may exceed Arrested Development’s, it’s evident that the latter show has much more quality.

Without a doubt, the recent news of Arrested’s revival and the confirmation from Lorey are music to the ears of both fans and critics alike.

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