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Late Night Laughter with Ben Kronberg

Ricky Mazella 

Staff Writer

On Monday night, echoes of laughter filled the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union as comedian Ben Kronberg took to the stage.  Kronberg hasn’t exactly gotten the attention he deserves, but he has had dates with Wipeout (three times), Last Call with Carson Daly, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It is hard to find talent that makes witty remarks along with one-liner punch lines, all while playing an instrument (or several).  His “incidental” ex-girlfriends spark the material in his routine.  He even has original works for web release on his website.  He will be one of the main characters in a stand-up production that is amid filming.

“My book is my friend up on stage,” Kronberg said of his joke book.  “Without it, I can’t be different than any other person that goes on stage, especially since a lot of comedians will steal jokes,” Kronberg said.

The soft-spoken man claims that he will, however, find “lost jokes.”  He happens to use that book as a part of his routine and not because he forgets some of his jokes, but so he can do things like randomly flip to a page in it.

The man that “wears glasses and tells jokes” had the crowd on its feet here at SC because of his difference of presentation of his material.  He even joked that Late Night Madness should have people do that for their Open Mic Nights.

When push came to shove though, he clearly brought it and was on his ‘A’ game with the way he was able to get the audience active and captivated in the performance.

Kronberg was pleased that CAB was interested in having him come to campus this semester after four representatives from the club saw him at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Northeast 2011 Spotlight Showcase in the fall, where he was very popular among all the representing schools in attendance.  An inside source to campus activities informed that he was towards the top of everyone’s list of “performers to display.”

NACA’s northeast showcase includes higher education institutions from Massachusetts, as well as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to view the over 80 talents that arrive covering the entire arts and entertainment spectrum.

Kronberg said he anticipated a great reception at SC based on what he had been informed at NACA.

“I enjoyed being able to be there, as is the case everywhere I go, but something was different about here that I liked. It is someplace I would consider coming back to again.”

The next event by Late Night Madness is the Late Night Luau, which will feature several activities starting at 10 p.m. and ending at 1 a.m.  Come alone or bring a group of friends, and take time to relax and enjoy.

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