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The Voice’s star, Casey Weston at SC

Andrew Gutman
Staff Writer

This past Tuesday, singer Casey Weston performed at lunchtime in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union. Weston was a competitor on the popular television NBC show The Voice, where she made it to the top two on Adam Levine’s team, and she was in the top eight overall before losing to the season’s winner, Javier Colon.

“I’ve been watching The Voice since the first season, and she was just absolutely amazing for her being so young,” said Marissa Punwani, who works in the campus bookstore. “We get singers and stuff all the time in here, and I have never seen one that I actually recognized. When I heard her, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! She sounds really good.’ Then I came out, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s Casey Weston from The Voice.’”

Punwani, who is a big fan of The Voice, got the unique opportunity to sing a song with Weston on stage.

Weston boasted a powerful voice combined with a very personable stage presence, cracking jokes in between songs, and even talking to the audience on a personal level. Despite her confidence and incredible voice, Weston is new to the world of performing.

“I was an intense athlete in high school, my parents were athletes, my sister is an athlete, so I was supposed to be an athlete. I’ve only been playing since junior year of high school,” Weston explained. “The music I play is just kind of for fun. I want people to be able to connect with it and have a good time listening to it, but also get stuff from the lyrics as well.”

Weston played many songs from her two albums as well as the popular Maroon Five song, “She Will Be Loved,” which she said was a tribute to her voice coach Adam Levine.

Weston also sang Keith Urban’s song “Stupid Boy,” which Weston also played on The Voice, winning her a second chance on the show. All of the songs that Weston played seemed to flow one right after another.

“The kind of music that I listen to is calming music; a lot of lyrical stuff where you just kind of get into the lyrics of it, and it kind of takes you and calms you,” Weston later explained.

Weston has a new album coming out in January and is hoping that this will be a big break for her.

“I’m excited to see where that takes me,” Weston says. “I’ve just been playing my music, and as long as I can do what I love and be happy, that is good enough for me.”

Weston plans on continuing down the path that she is currently on by playing many shows and performing at different venues all over the country, including cities such as Boston and New York, as well as popular hotels and cafes such as The Hard Rock Café, Rocketown and the Bluebird Café, all in Nashville, Tenn.

Only being 19-years-old, Weston has already made a big name for herself and has attracted a lot of buzz. We can expect a lot of positive things from the young star in the years to come.

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