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Lupe Fiasco Cancelled as Spring Concert

Nick LovettLupeCancelled
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Editor’s Note: This was part of our April Fool’s issue in April 2013. Lupe will still be performing this year.

In a stunning turn of events, Lupe Fiasco, the popular rapper who was to headline this year’s spring concert, has cancelled just weeks before his performance at Springfield College on April 20.

Instead, popular one-hit-wonder Rebecca Black and American Idol reject Sanjaya Malakar will perform in Fiasco’s absence.

Fiasco did not state why he had to cancel, but SC Backstage members feel that Black and Malakar will actually bring better entertainment than Fiasco.

“While both acts are kind of one-hit-wonders, they are very bright and entertaining performers, ” Assistant Director of Student Activities Annie Warchol said.

This sudden move by the Sti-Yu-Ka events staff and SC Backstage was made strictly because they did not want the students to be disappointed by Fiasco’s cancellation, if it did happen, which it did.

“Students last year were devastated when the headliner cancelled,” said SC Backstage member Adam Lapointe. “This year we thought we wouldn’t notify the student body until we absolutely had to that Fiasco cancelled and quickly select two well known acts before anyone could complain. I think we did a good job.”

Lapointe was, of course, referring to last year’s concert when Gym Class Heroes cancelled because lead singer Travie McCoy was asked to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

“Did anyone even watch the Induction Ceremony last year?” questioned Lapointe. “I honestly think they just did not want to come.”

Speculation aside, the events staff of the Sti-Yu-Ka committee and SC Backstage were both nervous that another disappointment at the spring concert would cause students not to attend.

“We love putting on this event every year, and we really do not want to see student interest drop any lower than it did last year,” the members of Backstage unanimously agreed.

“We think that a blast from the past, a throwback show, if you will, will draw interest from everyone. Lupe Fiasco is too current and too popular. He just wouldn’t fit the bill we are trying to make,” Lapointe added. “He cancelled on us like the Gym Class Heroes did last year. We can’t take that heartbreak again. The wound is still too fresh.”

Both groups are extremely excited that Malakar and Black were able to come on such short notice.

“We were surprised they agreed because of the quick turnaround,” said Lapointe. “I actually saw Sanjaya singing in a subway station in New York City not too long ago, so I approached him and asked if he would be interested. And he said yes.”

As for the decision behind Black, SC Backstage had bounced a few other names around before landing on her.

“We were just throwing big names out there, like: William Hung, Joey Fatone from N’Sync, and Psy, but let’s be honest, he only has one good song.

“One group member just threw out Rebecca Black, and we all thought, ‘That’s perfect,’” Lapointe said. “Who doesn’t like ‘Friday’? It’s such a great song and having Rebecca Black and Sanjaya doing covers of some of the more popular songs will be a hit. Maybe they’ll even use Auto-Tune!”

Both SC Backstage and the Sti-Yu-Ka staff are more excited for this concert than any other they have had in the past, and it shows when they talk about it.

It is sure to be an amazing show, so make sure you go down to hear the unbelievably talented Sanjaya Malakar and Rebecca Black on April 20, and please, do not be disappointed!


  1. I don’t know why you guys are so excited about Rebecca Black and Sanjaya. Nobody likes that “Friday” song and Sanjaya is a loser. I don’t understand why you guys think more people are going to show up this year compared to last year expecially sice last year was free. This is going to be a pathetic concert and you guys are making this event a joke.

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