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A capella: Springfield College’s real spring concert

Brandon Eckles
Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Pride Pitches and Maroon XIII.

At 7 p.m. on Friday night, April 16th, there will be event in Blake Arena that is not a basketball game or a volleyball game. Two different teams will be taking the court. Not to compete against each other, but to share the space in perfect harmony.

The two teams that will be showcasing their talents are the Pride Pitches and Maroon XIII, Springfield College’s two a capella groups.

For those of you who don’t know much about these groups, Pride Pitches is the all female group and Maroon XIII is co-ed. Since the start of these a capella ensembles, they have always been student run and guided under Springfield College’s music department. Today, they are an official club and it is helping them get more recognized on campus.

Both groups are accustomed to performing in the small confines of the Richard B. Flynn Union, but this Friday’s show will mark the first time that they have held a performance in Blake Arena.

“It’s a big deal that we have it in Blake this year” said Mackenzie Ditomassi, a senior that participates in Pride Pitches. “In our last show, we turned away 100 people because we were at capacity,” Ditomassi continued. Clearly, these numbers show the ability of these students and Friday night will give people a chance to witness the hard work they put in.

All year long, multiple times a week, they practice just like any other team. They spend long nights perfecting their set lists just as a football team would perfect their defensive schemes. Both the Pride Pitches and Maroon XIII meet three times a week to make sure everything is at the best possible sound.

“People don’t realize how hard a capella is. We have to make every sound with our mouth, tongue, and throat,” said Ditomassi, when talking about their preparation for the show.

Although the set list is held a mystery to the public until the show, there will be a variety of songs covered by these groups. Renditions of anything from Blake Shelton to Adele to Maroon Five will be done.

Pat Kenney, a senior with Maroon XIII said “We don’t disclose our set list, so our friends can be surprised and see what we are capable of doing.” Kenney, Ditomassi, and the rest of the groups are looking forward to impressing the audience.

For Kenney, Ditomassi, and the rest of the aca-seniors, this will be their last performance with their clubs and they’ve reflected on their time as singers in these groups.

“[I am looking forward] to having the recognition and to see people enjoy our music. Its really special to be around the people that work so hard to get what they finally deserve” Ditomassi said, with a bright smile.

Kenney voiced a similar appreciation for both groups passion.

“It’s really cool seeing everyone in the groups dedicated to this.” Kenney said agreeing with Ditomassi.

The performance that is in store for Friday night will be a refreshing reminder of the talent that is across the Springfield College. Blake Arena is the home for basketball and volleyball, but the spotlight will shift to two groups of singers that are more than eager to perform for an audience.

Doors open at 7 p.m. and it is free of charge. Donations are greatly appreciated!

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