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Sti Yu Ka spring concert: T-Pain and Lil Dicky

Alison Izzi
Staff Editor

t pain lil dicky
Photo courtesy of Springfield College.

Let me start by being completely honest—contrary to most of the school, when it came to the spring concert I was about 25 percent hyped for Lil Dicky and 75 percent beside myself with excitement for T-Pain. This probably stems from a dance background where T-Pain had some of the best booty-poppin’, hip-hop/Zumba music around, and a lack of knowledge of Lil Dicky’s hits. Maybe I’m just behind on the times. So, naturally, I couldn’t wait for T-Pain’s performance, and of course I was excited to hear Lil Dicky perform the one song I knew “$ave Dat Money”.

Unfortunately, my day strayed me from the widely-talked-about Coachella celebration, so instead my tardy arrival to the concert was due to mini burger sliders at a downtown restaurant. They were worth it. Once the concert began, three guests and I managed to wedge ourselves somewhere in the side-to-middle area of the audience, and it was short lived. For two of my guests being under 5 foot, 6 inches was horrific because they were squished in between a lot of people and parts they probably would have liked to avoid. My other guest and I, both standing at a decent 5 foot, eight inches, managed to see the stage, but personal-space wise, we weren’t all that thrilled either. But hey, it’s a concert what did we expect? To satisfy our preferences we moved to the back where we could dance freely, and it turns out the view was much better too.

So then Lil Dicky came on stage. I must say he is quite the talented rapper, and he also wins the award for literally the skinniest “White Dude” (pun intended) I have ever seen, and he totally rocks it. His appearance matches his off-kilter songs and just adds to the utter comedy of it all. One thing, however, was his actual performance that I couldn’t get around. First, let’s make it clear that his dreadlocked stage mate was not Fetty Wap. I’ve been hearing that question circulate around a few times. Now, I understand that traditional concert protocol is that the artist skips from song to song without completing one, but Lil Dicky seemed to hit one verse, stop all the beat and music, then go again and repeat. Although his talent was still very entertaining it didn’t make for the best dance scenario. But can I appreciate the fact that I was very close to a million-dollar talent? Yes. And did I completely lose it and scream every word to “$ave Dat Money” for the few seconds it played? Oh, absolutely.

Now here’s my favorite part. T-pain, in a Springfield College basketball jersey, got on stage and just started going. He too only played portions of his songs, but he didn’t drop the music, in fact, I liked his smooth jazz intermissions because not only did he bust some suave moves, but it was a great rest period before I went hard on “Buy U A Drank”. Then, when he played “Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)” featuring my man Pitbull (yes I love Pitbull too, no shame), I was convinced it was the best part of the night. I was also fascinated by the two guest dancers he brought on stage and the two female dancers/singers in blue, as they never stopped moving. It was contagious. T-Pain was fire, so in my opinion all he did was win (again pun intended, my apologies).

Post-concert, my guests and I again strayed from the townhouses, and as we said our goodbyes, they treated me to a medley of Lil Dicky songs, none of which he played, and I will say I have a new appreciation for the man. Turns out this was the best part of my night. I thought they were good, probably because of the sheer ridiculousness of most of them, and let me tell you, he has superior courage to bust some of the rhymes he does despite how mediocre he claims the rest of himself to be. All in all, I had a blast at the concert, and if Lil Dicky or T-Pain came around again, I might pop in to see if T-Pain is still reppin’ SC or if Lil Dicky got any skinnier. Plus it would just be sheer entertainment.

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