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A Capella Winter Showcase Hits the Springfield College Campus

Meghan Zimbler
Photo Editor

It is that time of year again. Everyone on campus can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for the fall 2013 semester and are anxious to get finals finished.

While the semester is almost in the books, the two A Capella groups on campus are trying to bring joy into the campus population.

This Friday, Dec. 13, Maroon XIII and the Pride Pitches are taking to the Fuller Arts’ stage for their annual Winter Showcase Performance.

The Winter Showcase will be the first performance of the semester that each A Capella group will be singing in front of the student body. With many new faces, it will be a chance for everyone to really see the hard work each group has been putting in.

“For the new members of both groups, it will give them exposure to how much the students here appreciate A Capella,” said senior music director of Maroon XIII, Jill Funk.

Both groups will be coming together for this show, showing off the talented ways of A Cappella here at the Springfield College campus.

“We haven’t had anything on campus so far,” said senior president of the A Capella Society on campus, Zach Hartshorn. “It is a showcase to show our abilities, and to get everyone in the holiday mood.”

The two groups, one being a co-ed group, the other being all female, are ready to sing the stage away, with classic holiday tunes, and new pop billboard hits such as “Stay,” by Rihanna and “I Want You Back” by Michael Jackson.

The two groups have been preparing all semester, including President Mary-Beth Cooper’s Inauguration. Maroon XIII also performed earlier this year at the Springfield Museum.

“It will give both groups a chance to really shine,” said Funk. “Both groups are really talented.”

For the event Friday night, the A Capella Society is teaming up with the Springfield College Outreach Committee’s Alternative Spring Break Trip and the Springfield College Music Department as a type of fundraiser, splitting an optional donation at the Winter Showcase.

The Winter Showcase will start at 8 p.m. on December 13, so if you want to catch a break from all of this studying, sing along to some very catchy tunes.

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