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Road Trips to the Real World

Pat Kenney
Campus News Editor



The job market can be a crazy place as high school and college graduates try to add as much to their résumés as they can to boost their status and opportunity to be selected for the job they want.

Although proving that you can handle tons of clubs while maintaining a high GPA is very impressive and extremely difficult, experience seems to be the overwhelming résumé buster in the job market.

Experience in the field of your choice can stand out to employers for a couple of reasons. It shows that you are committed and willing to put forth the effort in your field of choice while also giving the employer references.

Aside from employers benefiting, experience is an important way for us to understand our field of study better and get a firsthand and eye-opening view of what it would be like to work in your job market.

Internships, job shadowing, and many other experience opportunities are available in most places; all you have to do is ask. The Career Center is here to help with just that: asking.

Partnering with the Eastern Association of College and Employers (EACE), the Springfield College Career Center presents, “Road Trips to the Real World.” This program is set up to give students the opportunity to learn firsthand about a career field, network with employers and explore internship and job opportunities.

Through “Road Trips to the Real World,” students from colleges across the East Coast have an opportunity to expand their experiences and understand what it is like to work out in the “real world.”

Since it is never too early to start thinking about your career (we are in college after all) this program will help you and fellow students think about life after college and the career paths that are available.

Once you apply, your “real world” experience will begin January 6 and wrap-up around January 17, depending on the employer. Road Trips places students in career fields from Maine to Virginia.

“Road Trips to the Real World” is an important opportunity for students to not only enhance their résumés, but to also understand their career field and what path they want to take.

For information about “Road Trips to the Real World,” visit, or if you have any questions, stop by the Career Center or reach them at (413) 748-3110.

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