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A Day in the Life: Angela Veatch

Melissa Milich
Staff Writer


Angela Veatch
Angela Veatch

The day in the life of Angela Veatch, assistant director of East Campus, is not like that of a typical Springfield College employee. Rather than spending her days lecturing in a classroom with four solid walls, “Veatch,” as she is most commonly known, spends her time educating, mentoring and inspiring within the acres of East Campus.

“No day is a typical day out here,” said Veatch.

Working as an adjunct professor, assistant director and advisor is what keeps Veatch extremely busy and on her toes. One day she will be in the office pouring over budgets, social media projects and Camp Massasoit logistics. Other days she can be seen throughout the property overseeing the challenge courses, working with other facilitators, or even manning a chainsaw to clean up here and there.

“It’s never the same, and that’s why I really love it,” commented Veatch.

Despite her many duties and responsibilities, her true passion is working with students and people who come to utilize the property. She loves to watch others develop a love for East Campus, and working with them to develop skills they will continue to use for the rest of their lives.

“I learn from them just as much as they learn from me,” stated Veatch.

When she is not busy in her office or with students, Veatch enjoys walking the trails and visiting the Cathedral and the beach at East Campus.

“I would say the fall is my favorite time of year on the property, but it really is when I see others laughing, challenging themselves and using all of what we have to their fullest advantage,” commented Veatch.

Rachel Keyworth, a student and employee of Veatch, said, “Working for Veatch is nothing short of phenomenal. She’s the type of person that pushes you to constantly grow as an individual in all aspects of your life. She holds you accountable and consistently asks why…the why forces you to think.”

Keyworth commented that Veatch speaks with conviction about the value of the property and truly believes in the power of experiential education.
With that being said, she is constantly challenging students and facilitators to push their boundaries and live purposefully. She is not someone who hands out advice, but rather assists others to reflect and draw their own conclusions.

Veatch’s door is always open to students wanting to broaden their perspectives on learning, or those who just want to stop in for a laugh. Her involvement as the advisor of Leadership Training Conference (LTC) has also played a large role in Veatch’s career at Springfield College.

As a fourth-year advisor, she has seen many students go through the program and has seen tremendous growth in the participants and facilitators. She states that her work at East Campus is completely related to advising LTC. It is another way of facilitation and self-growth that she finds herself completely immersed in.

She comments that the most difficult part of her job is the constant turn-over of staff and students.

“I have them for a max of four to six years,” Veatch said. “You become really accustomed to people when you help them grow.”

Angela Veatch’s title may be assistant director of East Campus, however, her wisdom, compassion and devotion are truly what make her title to the Springfield College community indescribable.

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