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Tips for Successful Fall Layering

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer


fashionFall is finally here! The air feels colder, the leaves are changing, and everyone is going apple and pumpkin picking.

Without a doubt, fall is the prettiest time of the year. There is just this magic in the air during this season that makes everyone feel excited and happy.

With that being said, fall is also one of the hardest seasons to dress for. This is because one day it is sunny and 75 degrees, and the next day it is windy and 55 degrees. You never know what you are going to get in the fall.

So allow me to introduce you to the art of layering, and a few of the must-haves for this wonderful season that is upon us.

The first must-have items are jeans and jeggings, and lots of them. I buy my jeans in light washes, dark washes and medium washes, that way I have jeans for everything. Jeggings come in all different colors too. I buy a black pair and a dark blue pair so they can be worn with any color on top.

Next, you have to have sweaters. Cardigans can go over T-shirts so when you get hot you can take the cardigan off. You also need light, long sleeve sweaters that you can throw on with jeans. Just stock up on light fall sweaters, because they are great over T-shirts and perfect for layering on odd temperature days.

Then make your way over to the Gap and buy some down vests. They are so comfortable and cute over sweaters. I have one white, one black and then a couple-colored ones. They go great over my sweaters because they don’t overheat me, but again, it’s just another layer. These vests can also be worn with cute color coordinating scarves. It is the perfect football game look.

Lastly, every girl needs boots, especially in the fall. For the days that it isn’t quite Ugg season, grab a pair of gray or light-brown boots and it will pull the whole fall-layered look together.

Boots are kind of expensive, but DSW runs a ton of sales, and Forever 21 sells boots pretty cheap this time of year. So go grab a couple pairs and show off your new look at the next football game

Happy Fall everyone!

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