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A Look at the SGA Executive Board

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

Student Government Association President Kristina Dupuis may be leading the SGA for the 2011-2012 school year but she could not do this by herself. President Dupuis has surrounded herself with a dedicated and enthusiastic Executive Board to assist her.

The Executive Board consists of President Dupuis and six Vice Presidents who oversee particular areas of responsibility as well as heading up committees. These committees are made up of class senators.

Dupuis functions as the head of the entire SGA, representing the student body. She sets the agenda for General Council meetings and oversees all of the work the Vice Presidents do.

“My position is to be the conductor of the meetings,” said Dupuis, “And to be the middle man between SGA and the student body.”

The Executive Board was chosen by President Dupuis, and she brought in a mix of old and new faces, bringing a balanced approach to keeping SGA running.

Newcomer Taline Abrahamian is the Vice President of Student Organizations. She keeps tabs on every single student club and organization on campus.

“I make sure they [student organizations] are following the articles of their constitution, are holding at least one fundraiser per semester, and are representing their club in an effective way on campus,” said Abrahamian.

All new clubs go through Abrahamian to begin the application process, before they are approved by the general council. With close to 50 different student organizations to look over Abrahamian enlists the aid of the Student Organizations Committee to help her.

“My committee will assist me in preparing for the Student Organizations meetings that are held once a month,” said Abrahamian, “They will also help me keep track of all the activity of each club.”

Vice President Abrahamian was drawn to SGA when she saw her friends, particularly President Dupuis involved with SGA.

“I have a lot of friends on the Executive Board with me,” said the Vice President of Student Organizations, “So our meetings are social and fun most of the time.”

The Vice President of Business Affairs and the committee that goes along with the position have one of the more challenging and stressful jobs in the SGA. Overseeing the monetary needs of all student run organizations and events is a huge task involving tens of thousands of dollars. Another newcomer, Michael Rama, is this year’s vice president of business affairs.

“I am the treasurer of the student populations and I oversee the use of such monies,” said Rama. “The Business Affairs Committee oversees the budget and allocates clubs and organizations money.”

This allocation process takes place over one week, when all groups looking for money must come and request the funds they would like for the year and justify the need for these funds.

There are four other positions on the E-Board, consisting of Vice President of Academic Affairs Kaitlin Robinson, who helps students deal with any issues they have within their classes, interactions with professors and majors; and the Vice President of Student Affairs Cartlon Gill, who works closely with Dean of Students David Braverman to address all student concerns. The Board is filled out by Public Relations Coordinator Rebecca Jacobson who works to get the student body involved and informed with SGA, and Secretary/Parliamentarian Dillon Shepard whose work involves being present at all meetings to help keep things running smoothly as well as taking minutes.

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