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Let’s Jump Campaign coming to Springfield College

Gabby DeMarchi

A&E Editor

Springfield College is ready to break records.

The Sports Management Club, Exercise Science Club, and Physical Education Club are bringing National Geographic Kids and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Jump! program here to SC on Tuesday Oct. 11th.

“National Geographic and Michelle Obama are trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records for most people doing jumping jacks,” said president of the Exercise Science Club, Kelsey Moody. “They are trying to get as many people to do it between October 11 and 12 from 3 p.m. to 3 p.m.”

Once the three presidents of the Sports Management, Exercise Science, and Physical Education clubs heard that anyone in the U.S. could participate in the all day event, they jumped on the possibility of bringing it to SC.
“It’s a way to promote wellness, because that’s a big factor with the school,” said Sports Management Club president, Ryan Ux.

The Let’s Jump! program is associated with the Let’s Move! project Michelle Obama started in February of 2010. The program is dedicated to help solve childhood obesity. The program promotes eating healthy, participating in physical activity, and taking action to help ensure a healthy lifestyle.

First Lady Michelle Obama announced the Let’s Jump! program to not only break a world record, but to also get kids involved in physical activity as well. Obama’s goal is to get the word out that exercise can be fun. So, with teaming up with National Geographic Kids, Obama hopes to get sports teams, after school groups, and entire schools together to participate in the nationwide event.

The Springfield College chapter of Let’s Jump! will happen on Oct. 11 at 4 p.m. right outside of the Blake track.
“All we have to do is record a video of as many people as we can get doing jumping jacks for just one minute,” said Ux.

The goal for the clubs is to have as many people as possible on campus involved.

“If we get over a hundred people we get a special surprise. We feel like we can definitely do it,” stated Moody.
The president’s and their clubs are excited to get as many out as possible to help break a world record, and enjoy some daily exercise as well.

“We definitely want to promote Springfield College and support the National Geographic Kids and Michelle Obama towards their goal,” said Ux.

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