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A Welcome Letter From the President

The Student Welcome Letter

Dr. Mary-Beth A. Cooper, President

September 17, 2015

Photo courtesy of Paul Schnaittacher.
Photo courtesy of Paul Schnaittacher.

This is my favorite time of the year.

While it is true that summer is over, and our work must now begin, for me it means that you have returned to campus. The classrooms, residence halls, fields and courts, Wellness Center, and corners of the campus union that have waited these months for your return now team with energy and voices and imagination.

Welcome back to this 130th year in the history of Springfield College. I know that summer involved some combination of vacation, work, travel, and service for you. It is my hope that you returned to the campus rested and with new vigor to approach your studies and other commitments this fall semester.

My summer vacation included visits with many of our wonderful alumni, a great bike trip in Vermont, a little quiet time at the beach, and some family events—including my son Calvin’s (now Airman Cooper) graduation from Air National Guard boot camp in Lackland, Texas. But through it all, I looked forward to what this year will bring for us, and to being back on the campus with all of you.

Last year, we went through a rigorous rebranding effort to make Springfield College better known, unifying our messaging and graphics. You will notice our new brand on signage around the campus, the logo on our team uniforms, and the S on the newly painted floor of Blake Arena.

I especially hope you pay attention to the updated brand on the campus union mural. It bears the words that our students, alumni, and the public most associate with our college.

We have hired extremely talented new faculty members in programs across the College to help you achieve your academic goals. We have named a Title IX coordinator and added community service officers who conduct campus-wide foot patrols on all shifts.

These are just a few ways we are working to make our environment student-centered so that your learning experiences can be transformative. In fact, we are looking at everything that we do here, to make sure that your education has worth and meaning.

We are always looking for ways to improve and increase and develop and advance. Every decision I make, every opportunity I consider for Springfield College, is done with only one thing in mind: You.

So, I ask you to hold up your end of the relationship. Seek out every opportunity you can. Whether conducting research with our faculty, participating in clubs or athletic teams, or providing community service in the Humanics spirit, today’s experiences become tomorrow’s proficiencies.

The value in a Springfield College education is found in the numerous and meaningful hands-on experiences that our students have, in most cases from the very first semester. It is also found in the commitment that our faculty and staff, including myself, make to your success. From the Cooper Cup to Commencement, I look forward to watching you and being part of your experience.

As I said to those of you who attended New Student Assembly, I was especially moved by a recent blog entry written by one of our students—junior Kendall Krafick, one of our NSO leaders.

With apologies to Disney, Kendall called Springfield College “the most magical place on earth.” She captured our spirit, our traditions, our commitment, and the wide range of what we offer our students.

Here are a few of her words:

“The campus is beautiful, the people are wonderful; I’m not even close to being done bragging.”

“At Springfield College, there are many opportunities students and faculty can get involved with. No matter who you are, odds are you will find something on campus that you’re passionate about.”

(If you haven’t seen it, read her piece in its entirety on the Springfield College Facebook page.)

Just like Disney, the magical things at Springfield College don’t happen by magic. They happen through the hard work of the dedicated members of our faculty and staff.

I encourage you to get involved and make everything you can of your experience here. Take advantage of all we have to offer, every magical moment. Utilize all of the resources that are available to you while you are here.

And make sure to pay it forward—participate in our traditions of caring for others, both on the campus and in the community. If you are an upper-class student, reach out to our students who are new to the campus.

This is a time of opportunity—help each other along. That’s what we do here. We are a community where service to others has a long and rich tradition. Be a part of it!


Mary-Beth A. Cooper, PhD, DM


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