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Is Name Brand Fashion Really Worth It?

Katie Benoit

Staff Writer

Growing up, it was always a big deal to have name brand clothing. If your shirt or pants clearly didn’t say where you got them, you probably didn’t fit in with everyone else at school. But now that we are in college, no one really cares where you bought your clothes.

Even though college is a lot less judgmental, we might still get the urge to splurge on some expensive name brand clothing items. We aren’t known for being a preppy campus but it is nice to dress up once in a while. If you often purchase those name brand clothes, they could get quite expensive; some stores sell a dress or a pair of pants for over $100. So are these prices really worth it?

Let’s be real, we are poor college kids. Can we really afford to be spending hundreds of dollars on one clothing item? Personally, I think its better to go to a discounted store that actually has good deals, such a Marshalls. You can still find some of the same looks and styles for a much cheaper price. On average clothes tend to be around $15 at discount stores. Who knows, you might even be able to find some discounted name brand clothing while there.

Another great option for finding cheap clothing is shopping at the outlets because clothes tend to be a lot less expensive at factory stores. You can still rock those name brands but without the big price tags. Many stores even have discounts if you show your college ID.

Chances are you will still look just as good in that less pricey outfit. Just think of all the money you’ll have left to spend elsewhere.

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