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Abbey-Appleton Hall construction leaves students with limited bathrooms

Cait Kemp

In the early evening of this past Monday, residents of Abbey-Appleton Hall received an email that was not considered convenient by any means. Starting the next morning after that, all of the bathrooms on the Union side of the building were to be shut down for two weeks as maintenance works to fix a leak involving one of the laundry rooms, which has been shut down since students arrived on campus. Students were upset, to say the least, at the news that they would have to use different bathrooms- especially, initially, the girls. 

The email read that the available bathrooms were on the opposite side of the building on each floor, leaving only one women’s bathroom for the entire building. This was less than ideal, seeing as one bathroom for about 75 women was difficult to function around, never mind during a pandemic. 

“I feel like there’s a lot of things wrong with Abbey in a way that should’ve been checked in the summer so it didn’t have to inconvenience us. Especially with Covid, you don’t want to put 75 girls in one bathroom,” said Abbey-Appleton resident, Rachel Perry. 

The next day, however, changes were made to the bathroom situation to alleviate some of the traffic going to the women-only bathroom. Another women’s restroom was added so there were two of each gender bathroom in the building as the construction continues for the rest of the week and the following week. 

This was good news for the women in the building, but now created a new issue for the men on the third floor, whose bathroom was the one converted into a women’s restroom. There were two bathrooms for the guys; however, this struck for frustration among those who now had a far commute just to use the commode. 

“As if this year couldn’t get any worse, we have to walk down four flights of stairs to shower and go to the bathroom,” said another Abbey-Appleton Resident Nate Donofrio, referring to the closest bathroom option for him, the first floor bathroom. 

His roommate, Joe Biagiotti agrees with him. “I don’t agree with having to walk down several flights of stairs to use the restroom or other needs, especially with COVID restrictions.”

Springfield College has been trying to work with the residence hall and students in order to make the situation as comfortable as possible for those students who live in Abbey-Appleton. 

“I think the way they’re handling it is pretty well, definitely adding the women’s bathroom was needed for sure, I think they are doing as much as they can, it just sucks that it’s happening during all this,” said Perry.  

Maintenance said the project should be completed within its two week estimation, while the residents hope it’ll be done as soon as possible. 

Photo: Springfield College

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