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The GET App is an important and useful resource for the 2020-2021 school year

By Collin Atwood

According to an email sent out by the Division of Finance and Administration, all of the food options in the union must now be ordered off of the GET app.

GET is a phone app that allows students to order their food online. This will help reduce the amount of time spent waiting in line at the Union. With just a few quick steps, students can have their food ready to go.

The new system also coincides with COVID-19 protocols to promote social distancing and the build up of large crowds waiting for food to be ready.

“The GET app is fairly simple to use,” said Mason Dumas, a junior at Springfield College majoring in criminal justice.

The process is as simple as hopping on the GET app, picking a restaurant to order from, selecting the specific food, choosing a pick-up time and then going to grab the order in the Union.

After pressing the “start an order” tab, GET allows you to choose from all of the restaurants in the union which includes: Dunkin Donuts, Jasmines, Roasted, Sazon and Subway.

After choosing a restaurant, the app allows individuals to select a pick-up time based on their schedule and then place their exact order.

The payment process is just as simple. “It has an easy way to add money to your student ID,” said Dumas.

On the home screen, there is a tab labeled “Add funds.” Within that tab there are two more tabs labeled “Payment Method” and “To Account.” From there, students can choose a credit card or debit card to transfer funds onto their student account. This allows students to pay for their meals with pride dollars.

The app also serves as a way to easily check current pride dollars balance. The first section on the home screen is account balances. All one has to do is log on and their current balance can be found front and center on the app.

There are also some other interesting features. GET allows students to check their transaction history. The history goes as far as six months back, so people can always remember how much they’ve spent in the current semester and what the money was spent on.

Students may also customize their own homepage to their personal liking. GET lets students add a profile picture and edit the layout of the homepage.

This new app is designed to keep the Springfield College campus safe and healthy through these unique times. To download the GET app, simply head to the App Store and type in “GET.” After installing, students can begin placing orders instantly.

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