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Academic Success Center Offers Answers

Thomas Manning

Contributing Writer

Phil the groundhog did not see his shadow, which means spring should come early. From Georgia to Canada, three other groundhogs declared the same, so we cannot be too upset with this particular groundhog soothsayer. I think we can unanimously agree that the weather of the last few weeks has not been “spring-like.” Who is really to blame? We are the species that also relies on coin flips to determine the outcome of a significant caucus, after all. Time to take a deep breath while it is still early in the semester, and reach out for help.

What can we rely on for assistance? Who is trustworthy with expertise to guide us when we need help? We humans may not always be the most rational, but there’s a group resolved to help maintain sanity on the campus of Springfield College. At the Academic Success Center, your peers have come together to offer their services as tutors. The tutors have taken, and excelled in, many of the courses offered at the college, and are available to all students searching for support. I have witnessed diagrams of the heart being drawn, organic molecules reduced and oxidized on white boards, iPads utilized to double check a reference list, and even dissertations adjusted. We will assist in any class, regardless of the difficulty. Your peers who work as tutors are screened, tested, trained, and completely reliable to tutor their specific content.

You are not alone in your academic struggles. Each and every one of us who is brave enough to attempt collegiate excellence, has low points and faces challenges. We are defined by how we choose to react to each challenge. As a graduate student, I feel like something brand new surprises me every day, and that is the fun of being a student. I have the opportunity to be creative in my problem solving and many times, that has taken me to my co-workers at the Academic Success Center. We promise to give our full effort into exploring and offering alternative learning methods and helpful habits to be successful.

Unlike Punxsutawney Phil, those in need of answers can find a sound, logical approach to learning by working with the tutors at the Academic Success Center. We take our jobs seriously and want to be the most helpful group of tutors on any college campus. Use this resource! We are flexible and can meet at our base in Hickory 109, the library, and even the Campus Union. We have the tools you need to achieve your academic goals this semester. Stop by soon to schedule an appointment!

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