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Club Corner: In the Gym with Team IronSports

Stephen Monahan
Staff Writer

Team Iron Sports
Photo courtesy of Team IronSports.

Bonds between athletes usually form on the field of play. For members of Team Iron Sports, their bonds are formed in the weight room.

“The bonds that are created [in the weight room] are special because Team Iron Sports is notorious for doing especially hard training sessions,” said senior Andrew Triana. “That’s because when you’re down there, and you’re pushing yourself to your potential with someone next to you to support you, it creates a truly special bond that you can’t fully understand unless you created it with someone else.”

Team Iron Sports, now in its fifth year, is a club that combines all forms of resistance trainings throughout sports. The club tries to unify people through ideas such as working hard while conducting yourself professionally.

Iron Sports consists of two groups, a non-competitive group and a competitive group.

“We have two types of people on the team,” said Triana. “We have the athlete who is down there typically striving for a high level goal. There are about ten [competitive lifters]. And the majority of the team is the second person. There are those who have one to three years of lifting experience and are comfortable in the weight room, but doesn’t necessarily have the next tier skill set yet. That’s the vast majority of the team, about 80 percent.”

The team meets up every Monday and Wednesday during the school year. Individuals go through various workout regimens in order to reach their specific goals.

“We offer competitions for people to attend, [we have] fundraisers and opportunities for kids to step outside their comfort zone of just lifting by themselves, and into an environment that is new to them,” Triana said. “What we are trying to do at Team Iron Sports is to create an unbiased environment for information so people can learn how to make themselves healthier, feel better about themselves, empower themselves through resistance training and through methods that actually work.”

Triana mentions that even though they are “basically a bunch of people lifting weights together,” they are a family over everything else.

“Team Iron Sports is not just about lifting weights. It’s hard to get away from using resistance training and weightlifting as a way to get away from talking about Team Iron Sports because it’s really what we do,” said Triana. “But like I said, it stands further than that. There’s family. Everyone has become more constructive and methodically as a person. There is a spirit mind and body aspect to everything.”

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