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Ask Mack: Roommate Scenarios, Growing Beards & More

Ask Mack,

I had a random hookup last weekend, but I have a boyfriend back home. Should I end things back home or try to work around my mistake?

-Accidents Happen

Dear Accidents Happen,

I really wish you had seen last week’s column in time so all of this could have been avoided. But hey, no judgment from me, accidents do happen. It’s definitely disappointing that things had to happen the way they did, but the good news is you’re ready to try and figure this all out. No matter what you do, it’s more important to be upfront and honest about your mistakes. Even if you want to continue having random hook ups (which is 100% acceptable with an enthusiastic yes), you need to own up to your mistakes. You owe it to your boyfriend to tell him what you’ve done. You need to be as honest as you can be without hurting him, details are definitely NOT necessary. I would recommend feeling out the situation (no pun intended, since that’s what got you here in the first place).Then decide if it makes more sense to stay and work things out with him, or try to be more presently single on campus. Either way, make sure you’re being safe and having fun!


Ask Mack,

I’ve walked in on my roommate having intercourse three times. How do I get them to let me know?

-Let In To Be Left Out

Dear Let In To Be Left Out,

This is a tough situation. Sometimes the mood just strikes and things that weren’t planned to happen, happen. My advice to you would be to talk with your roommate about having a code or a signal. Obviously they aren’t going to send you a detailed text about what’s coming up for them in the next half an hour, but there should definitely be a way you can know what’s going on before you walk in on a love fest.. I recommend sticking to the classics. Hang either a sock or a tie from the outside door handle as a universal signal that the people inside are “too busy” to answer the door. You can sometimes rely on music playing loudly to block out all the studying being done inside. Either way, definitely work on something concrete with your roommate so the hardest thing you’ll have to deal with is finding a new place to work on your homework.


Ask Mack,

I’ve got my first exam coming up and I am freaking out. How do I keep myself from getting too nervous?

-Examining Life

Dear Examining Life,

Before you get too nervous, make sure you’ve exhausted all of your options. If you’re worrying about the actual information on the test, I would go back and spend some more time studying. If you can’t seem to retain as much as you’d like, your next step would be either finding a study group or requesting a tutor. If you’re worrying about taking the test itself, there are a couple of strategies I’ve learned in my time at SC. One, you can get tested for test anxiety. If you actually have an issue taking tests, people here will accommodate you so you can take tests in private rooms or have longer amounts of time to take the test. Two, bring little pieces of candy with you. Dr. Cyr gives her classes Smarties during exams because the sugar rush boosts your memory and helps you perform more efficiently. Lastly, work on breathing exercises; take it from someone with an anxiety disorder, they help immensely. Learning how to control your breathing can help keep you from getting too stressed, and keep you focused on what is really important.


Ask Mack,

Facial hair or no facial hair?

-A Bearded Brother

My Bearded Brother,

I would love to answer this by saying YES, THE WORLD NEEDS MORE BEARDED MEN. But unfortunately, some men don’t understand the difference between “hot lumberjack” and “might be a pedophile,” so please let me help you. There will be some people who just don’t like facial hair, so we can’t please everyone. To them you say: “Enjoy the boys, we’ll be here when you’re ready for the men.” In my “humble” opinion, facial hair can be really awesome as long as it’s done right. If you’re only capable of growing three pieces of stubble, tap out man, this one’s not for you. All around stubble is always a safe option, as long as it’s not too scratchy. Big beards can be great, too, unless you have more food than hair. Mustaches alone are almost always a no go, unless you’re going for that “50 year old sports-fanatic father” look. I’m also not a huge fan of beards without mustaches, but I’ll take the ladder over the former any day. It’s also VERY important to note that no one, I mean NO ONE, wants to see your flavor saver. Congratulations that you have the use for one, but I don’t need to know that during our 10:00 AM class together. As long as you keep it clean and food-free, and don’t teeter on the pedophile line, I think beards are always a great idea. While you’re at it, you should try throwing in a man bun, and then giving me a call.


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