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At Springfield College, Dunkin Dominates

Vincent Gallo
Staff Writer

It is the standoff of early morning services. In corner one, the orange and purple twin Ds: the classic companion to a New England sunrise.. In corner two, is  the green siren hailing from the coffee capital of America in Seattle. Which coffee company wins the fight  according to students of Springfield College? Is it Dunkin Donuts or Starbuck

Voters of Dunkin praised its convenience and fondly recalled growing up with its coffee and products. Dunkin Donuts has, to many, always been the friend who would give them a pick-me-up for the long day ahead, from the beverages to the donut munchkins that have been a signature snack since kindergarten. Seriously, back then, stealing someone’s munchkin would guarantee a fight on the playground.

Starbucks put up a good fight. It was acclaimed for having the upper hand in quality and being known as authentic. The company, born in Seattle, is occasionally seen as the prime example of American coffee that is sold worldwide: the Goliath in that regard.

Frequent consumers of Starbucks like its classic coffee taste, something that they believe is absent with Dunkin. People said that compared to Starbucks coffee, Dunkin Donuts is “cheap tasting”

“[Starbuck’s coffee] is more authentic than Dunkin Donuts,” said Hannah Lozano. “Dunkin Donuts is gross. It’s not actual coffee, they use so much fake syrup and stuff.”

However, Dunkin Donuts could not be beaten when it came to its neighborly atmosphere, the advantage in which Starbucks is said to lack. Their tone is felt to be stuck up. Those who yield a strong dislike towards Starbucks feel judged when visiting.

“[Dunkin Donuts] is much friendlier. I hate Starbucks,” said Josh Shuman. “They think they’re better than me. And their uniforms are ugly.”

The upper class feel from Starbucks, however, is said to cut deeper than the condescending feel alone. Additional gear grinders include the excessively high cost of the coffee and their different method of expressing sizes. Their sizes are listed as demi, short, mini, tall, grande, venti, and trenta. There are people who would like to order their coffee without the need of translation.

“Dunkin [is better] because I don’t have to order in a different language for the sizes. I just want my coffee,” said Noah Lisewski.

In terms of taste, there was just as much attack on Starbuck’s flavor as there was on Dunkin.

“If you head to Starbucks, it is way too strong,” said Dunkin fan Colin Robinson. “They need to put some cream in it. They need more cream in it.”

Do not get Robinson started on the Starbucks logo either. “Dunkin Donuts’ logo is very simple,” said Robinson. “But with Starbucks, they have some goddess-looking . I don’t know if I’m going in there to get blessed, or to get a crappy cup of coffee!”

Starbucks has the flashiness, but Dunkin has the modesty. Starbucks has the muffins but Dunkin has the munchkins. Most importantly, Dunkin has the cream. Starbucks may be applauded for its empire of vintage quality, but the love shown for Dunkin Donuts simply could not be matched.

Sorry, Starbucks, but Springfield is going with the underdog. The coffee juggernaut falls to the hometown hero. Springfield College runs on Dunkin.

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