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Catching Up with Campus Activities Board

Victor Barbosa
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is going through a presidential change, but it seems to be having no effect on their ability to provide great events for the Springfield College campus. The current president of the club is R. John Reidy, but because he is a senior, he will be passing on that distinction to the current treasurer, Andrew Ptacek. Being the president for the past year has been both a privilege and demanding job for Reidy.

“Being the president of CAB, you have the inherent duties of running all of the meetings, the executive meetings, the general board meetings,” Reidy said. “It takes a lot of vision to make sure the club is going in a direction you want it to, as far as maintaining retention among the general board, maintaining attendance at events, and having a variety of events that people want to go to and will want to come back and see.”

CAB is without a doubt among the most well-known clubs on campus. There are constant emails, flyers and other forms of announcements bringing attention to upcoming CAB events. Some activities are much better attended than others, but each and every one requires a lot of work to put together. Also, for those that do attend the CAB events, they almost always get great reactions and reviews. Christina Frugale, a graduate student, is in her first year as the advisor for CAB and realizes just how hard both the board and general members work.

“Our students work really hard to find talent and bring it to campus. They work with me to look up performers, see when they’re available, look them up online [and] see who they think Springfield College students will like,” Frugale said. “We plan scheduling around dates that are good, popular weekends to stay here (on campus) and make sure to bring talent then.”

The variety of events that CAB provides is extraordinary, and each and every one is of very high quality. This is clearly proven by the range of past favorite CAB events from some of the members. Senior Adam Lapointe is in his last semester as vice president and remembers a particular magician from 11 months ago that seemed to especially wow him and the audience alike.

“If I had to think back to all of the events I’ve worked or been a part of I would have to say a magician we had here named Norman Ng last semester. He was great, a really nice guy. We met him at a conference, and he was a really great guy. [He was] definitely one of my favorites,” Lapointe said.

Meanwhile, Kim Postler is a junior Exercise Science major and CAB board member, and she always looks forward to some of the Sti-Yu-Ka week activities.

“I always like the Sti-Yu-Ka bingos which CAB puts on. It’s during Sti-Yu-Ka week, but that’s one thing that CAB always does, and there are so many people,” Postler said. “We can’t even have it in the Union, we have to move it to the gymnasium. We have huge screens set up and the sound is all on. That’s probably my favorite because there’s so many people.”

Being a CAB board member, Postler, along with five others, work to do all of the promotions through Facebook, Twitter and stunt promo. Additionally, what really makes this group of students special is how well they work together, and how close they are even outside of the club.

“Yeah, we do all of the programming things, but the club’s grown to having its own entity now,” Reidy said. “You go to the meetings, and you see all the people you see every week, and we have a great time at meetings. We joke, we have fun and we’ll hang out with people after that.”

Although there have been many great CAB events already this school year, arguably, the best are yet to come. This Thursday at 9 p.m. in the Campus Union is the final activity of the semester. Thursday night will be ComedyFest, where there will be three comedians performing. Paul Nardizzi, Amy Anderson and Josh Sneed will be performing, and free food will be served. There will be a comedian each month of next semester as well. During the first night of Welcome Week at the end of January, there will be a psychic fair, which will include tarot card readers and palm readers.

With his last week as CAB president coming up, Reidy was able to reflect on one particular event from his freshman year that essentially changed his college career path. A speaker named Michael Miller came to the Springfield College campus three years ago and returned this year.

“He’s just a phenomenal speaker. He kind of shook my whole outlook on life, just with his presentation. I ended up changing my major because of it. This year he (Miller) was focused mostly around applying your leadership skills, and when you delegate, make sure you delegate correctly,” Reidy said. “He talked about your ‘elevator speech’, a 10 second speech. Say you’re in an elevator circumstantially with Bill Gates. You have 10 seconds to talk to this guy; maybe he can change your life for the better, so make that elevator speech.”

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