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De-Stressing at Springfield College

Andrew Gutman
Staff Writer

The semester is quickly coming to a close at Springfield College, but before students are able to take their well-deserved break, they must buckle down one last time to take their dreaded finals. The final week of the semester is one of the most stress-filled weeks for students who spend hours a day isolated in the library trying to retain every bit of knowledge that they can.

The Springfield College Psychology Club came together last Friday, Dec. 7 to put together the third-annual Mental Health Awareness Day. Students approached the table in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union to write down what stresses them out as well as to make stress balls to help squeeze the anxiety out of them. The meditation room was also open to those who wanted a little extra relaxation led by graduate student Rahul Sharma.

Director of Counseling, Brian Krylowicz, believes that students should be aware of their own stress, especially during this time.

“This is the time of year where people notice stress a little bit more often,” Krylowicz explained. “I think part of it is to be aware of their own stress and aware of their own needs.”

Along with the hands-on activities, access to pamphlets and the guest appearance from the Counseling Center, there was also more in-depth exposure to the Psychology program.

Situated in the Dodge Ballroom, the Psychology department had representatives from each graduate program there ready to inform students.

Vice President of the Psychology Club, Lainnie Emond, was upstairs working hard to organize the graduate programs for students to come in and explore.

“We are just trying to educate undergrads for potential grad experience and to make them aware of all the different areas of psychology,” Emond explained.

Erin Knight, a senior at Springfield as well as the president of the Psychology Club, has been working extremely hard to expand the horizons of the club to give it more exposure and to attract more students within the major to attend.

Knight unfortunately was not so pleased with the turnout of the event, but is trying hard to make each one better than the last.

“Population wasn’t great; attendance wasn’t great,” said Knight. “We tried to beef it up this year.”

Despite the poor attendance, the club is making strides towards a brighter future. “We are still in the stages of getting people to join and getting people to come to meetings,” Knight said. “It is rewarding, as much as it is a lot of work.”

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