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Chris Fowler’s Legacy Will Live On

Billy Peterson

Staff Writer

It is a new era in college football. Over the past decade the sport has suffered through many scandals, both big and small, and undergone a lot of changes. It has also grown to be more popular than it has ever been.

Throughout it all, there was one constant. One man who helped me forget it all the NCAA violations. A man who helped me look past the flaws of the BCS system, and just enjoy college football.

Chris Fowler was an anchor to College Gameday from 1990 through the 2014 season. A show which is best known for analyst Lee Corso’s famous “Head Gear” selection at the end of every broadcast.

For the first time in 25 years Fowler will no longer be the host of College Gameday.

Despite all of the change in those 25 years, Fowler has been able to remain steady through it all. He was the man behind the first Gameday show after the attack on the World Trade Center. He was the one who helped college football fans everywhere move on, but no forget, the tragedy at Virgina Tech 2007.

For me, Fowler’s voice is synonymous with college football, and while he will still broadcasting game’s on Saturday nights with Kirk Herbstreit, it will not be the same without him anchoring Gameday.

The chemistry that he shared with Corso and Herbstreit is unlike any other trio I have watched on television. This is what helped make Gameday so special to college football fans around the country. Or maybe it was the random tidbit that he would add about Akron’s home winning percentage in night games in October against MAC teams.

It seemed like he knew everything there was to know about every last team in all fifty states. The amount of long hours and preparation he underwent for every show was evident in a tribute piece that aired on College Gameday September 6th, put together by Tom Rinaldi of ESPN honoring Fowler.

Gameday will never be the same, but it is still in great hands. Rece Davis takes over for Fowler, and he is almost just as familiar to college football fans as Fowler is. Davis has been with ESPN since 1995 and has hosted College Football Final, as well as many other college football shows.

As the game continues to grow, so will College Gameday. The Washington State flag will continue to fly at every broadcast site, fans will still sleep out in tents the night before Gameday is hosted on their campus and Corso will continue to make his head gear selections.

But none of this tradition happens without the talents and dedication of Fowler. On behalf of college football fans everywhere I thank Fowler for all he has done for the sport of college football, and for television, and wish in the best in his future endeavors.

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