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Clinton Shows Qualifications for Presidency as Controversial Election Nearing Home Stretch

Greg Allen

Co-Editor In Chief


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What does Donald Trump’s phrase, “Make America Great Again” really mean? How could his perception of “great” be so far off? And what does he mean by “again”? Does he hope to turn the clocks back to the early 1900s where women did not have the right to vote? Does he want to relive the days of segregated schools? Does he dream of going back to the 1800s before we had cars and airplanes or before we landed on the moon? Ah, the good ole days.

The slogan represents an extremely racist, sexist, immature, and unprofessional campaign, and it is basically saying, “Let’s delete all the progress we have made as a nation.” Are there issues today in 2016? Of course. But we cannot deny the progress we have made. Henry Ford and the Wright brothers revolutionized travel. Dr. Martin Luther King led, in my mind, the single most important movement in American history. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates put us through a technological revolution. Same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide.

Throughout our history, we have made tremendous strides as a country. So why, Donald, do you want to go back and erase our progress? How about “Make America Greater”? Although it’s not her tagged slogan, it is essentially what Hillary Clinton envisions for America, and that is why we cannot pass up the opportunity to put her in the Oval Office.

Clinton wants to move forward. She recognizes the increasing gap between the rich and the poor and has developed a tax plan that will begin to narrow that gap. She recognizes the systematic racism and sexism that trickles down from the top of our government and can lead our nation away from that system. She will fight for equal pay for women and affordable healthcare for everyone. She’s aware that America has the power to provide aid to struggling nations like Syria. She has a growth mindset that can lead to more positive progress for our nation.

The president is the most public figure in America. The person who fills that role needs to be someone who presents him/herself professionally, intelligently, and personably–not someone who uses “locker room talk” as an excuse for degrading and humiliating comments.

Since not everything is an executive decision, and the president cannot simply change things overnight, to me the most important job of POTUS is his or her ability to speak in times of distress. Barack Obama was phenomenal at this, speaking at Sandy Hook and at the church in Charleston, South Carolina after the shooting of nine African Americans.

I feel Clinton has the opportunity to replicate the ability of Obama. She’s smart, caring and speaks in a way that can really reach the people emotionally. Trump, on the other hand, would be a disaster. Imagine Donald at that church in Charleston. It was a time when the community needed a sense and message of hope. They needed to know that someone cared. Trump is not a man that could provide that. He is simply too ignorant.

We have already seen Clinton’s great ability to speak. Both she and Trump had the opportunity to show their speaking ability after the nightclub shootings in Orlando. Clinton showed a great deal of sympathy for the families of those who were shot and she focused on how we need to end homophobia. Trump? Well, naturally, he ranted about how we need to keep Islam out of America.

Clinton is a candidate with experience in politics. She knows what it takes to be a leader and do the best thing for the greatest amount of people. She’s personable, smart, and competent–all qualities that Trump does not possess.

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