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Springfield College Health Center Available for Student Wellness

Matt Harris

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A healthy mind does wonders in everyday life.

We all know that college is a lot to handle: classes, homework, clubs, athletics, and a social life. With so much to juggle and so little time to breathe, it’s no wonder why college students get stressed out.

Here at Springfield College there is one resource that students may not know about or don’t access, but can be very beneficial.

Open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the counseling center at Springfield College prides itself in making sure the campus population is in good mental health.

“Springfield College has a commitment to address the psychological and emotional needs of students and has so for over 60 years,” said counselor Gary Enright. “The Counseling Center exists in order for students to feel supported as they experience the challenges that may involve while they are a student here.”

No matter what the circumstances are, the counseling center wants to help each student get through whatever it is he/she is dealing with.

Located behind the baseball field and across from Lot 2 (Blake Hall) sits the Counseling Center, sharing a building with the Health Center.

“The Springfield College Counseling Center offers free, professional, and confidential counseling services to undergraduate and graduate students,” said Enright.

With varying elements in everyone’s individual college careers, the counseling center is here to help each student get through what they are experiencing at the time.

“Many students utilize the center at some point during their academic careers. A staff of professionals, which includes graduate associates, counsel students who may seek our services for a variety of reasons.” said Enright.

According to the Center’s web page, reasons for students possibly reaching out for professional help include feelings of anxiety, loneliness, depression, transitioning to or from college, family problems, coping with loss, and many others.

With four full-time counselors and five part-time graduate associates, the Center has a good fit for anyone who needs an ear to talk to.

“The Counseling Center is available to any student for who attends Springfield College,” said Enright.

Sometimes it may be hard to ask for help. The counseling center is the first step to achieving a healthy state of mind. It’s never too late to reach out.


You can reach the Counseling Center by calling (413) 748-3345, or by walking in to make an appointment.

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