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Close Your Eyes: Not Your Average Hardcore Band

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

I like to tailor a lot of my reviews to what people want to hear. This week’s album in review is Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts by American hardcore band Close Your Eyes. I’ve seen Close Your Eyes perform live when they opened for A Day To Remember, and they sound very similar to what you’ll hear coming from this album.

Close Your Eyes has a very melodic sound to their music. When people think hardcore, they typically think screaming, and although this has screaming, it’s backed with some exceptional vocals from Shane Raymond, the band’s front man. They’ve only previously produced one studio album, We Will Overcome, but have tackled some major festivals as an up-and-coming hardcore band.

The album was released on October 24th, and Close Your Eyes is looking to top their last album’s sales of 12,000. The band really tried to put more meaning into their lyrics and this album is a lot more genuine than their first album.

The band members carry a sense of maturity that isn’t seen in a lot of hardcore bands. The music is truly expressive and carries faith and redemption as underlying tones to a lot of the tracks on this album. The album is worth picking up if you have any interest in hardcore music because it’s not often that you find a heavier band with such great talent.

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