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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: The Fall Season is Here!

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

Cool, crisp air, bright blue sky and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. Fall is a great season but also a very unpredictable one.

When you walk out the door in the morning, you don’t know if it’s going to be really warm or super cold. Therefore, finding the perfect outfits for this season can be quite challenging.

First things first, please if you haven’t already, put your flip-flops away. They are a summer shoe and guess what? It’s not summer anymore, so wearing them is truly unnecessary.

In the fall, when people are out in flip-flops, not only do they look silly, but they look lazy. They are the people that were too lazy to put socks or a cute flat on. Instead, they went with the sloppy look of flip-flops.

On the fall days that seem warm enough for flip-flops, reach for the flats instead. Fall is a time for closed-toe shoes because it is cold and there are leaves on the ground. Flip-flops and leaves between your toes are not in this season.

Some fall days are on the verge of freezing; on these days, boots are the way to go. Uggs are great because the fur in them makes them both warm and comfortable. They also go nicely with yoga pants and jeans.

Knee-high leather boots are also popular this season. With a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, these boots are perfect for a fall day.

Since fall is chilly, some form of long pants is what you want to wear every day. Jeans, yoga pants and leggings are all smart choices that will help you stay warm during the fall.

As for the upper body, always layer your clothes. A cute T-shirt under a leather jacket that matches your boots would be perfect. That way, if you get warm, you can take off the jacket and still look good.

Another option on a cold day would be a long sleeve T-shirt under a sweatshirt. This is a comfortable look that can be adjusted by taking off the sweatshirt.

Lastly, now is the time to break out the cute lightweight sweaters. They keep you warm and are perfect for the fall season.

Taylor Hassa may be reached at thassa@springfieldcollege.edu

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