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Core: Springfield Massachusetts isn’t as dangerous as they say

Core: It's time to stop blaming Springfield

Angelica Core

Springfield, Massachusetts is nowhere to be found on the top 100, most dangerous cities in America according to, and yet some people at Springfield College have the most to say about my city.

I’ve lived here my whole life. It’s so frustrating to hear people who only spend four years here say things such as, “this city is so dangerous.” Our campus is in one small section of the city, there’s so much more to see and learn. I don’t understand where these comments come from because we get rave alerts anytime something happens nearby and we get those like twice a year.

I acknowledge the fact that our city looks bad on the news. But, there’s good happening too.

My city brings a lot of talent, whether it’s sports, music, or fashion. I know several people who are so talented that they hold open mics or fashion shows.

Shoot, Travis Best is from Springfield!

They say our city is so bad, but the property tax on houses says otherwise. The newly built MGM Springfield Casino goes to show you that our city is capable of having such a huge attraction.

And we still have a Main Street. Some cities lose their Main Street to urban decay.

Springfield College was built in 1885, if the city or neighborhood was that bad, the school would have had the chance to move or shut down.

Some people who makes these comments speak highly of our surrounding towns such as East Longmeadow or Agawam, which are ironically the places they’re from. I understand, it’s a comfort thing, but many times in life you’ll need to step out of your comfort zones.

I know more people who’ve died from drug overdoses in East Longmeadow than I do in my own city. Birchland Park Middle School, in East Longmeadow, has a higher rate for students who vape then most of its neighboring middle schools in Longmeadow and Springfield.

How safe is it that a good percent of students in 6th-8th grade, typically ages 11-13, already vape?

You’ll hear about the occasional car break-ins in Longmeadow, but those are usually done by their own residents even though news sources such as and WWLP- 22News, blame Springfield residents.

I wish people would stop bashing my city and help.

To some, Springfield College is the heart of Springfield, so I think it’d be good if the school made students do something for the city. Humanics class should be a requirement for everyone, the same way a history or science class is. That would give the whole school an opportunity to see the city and help in various ways.

There are a number of buildings and houses, vacant or not, that could benefit from getting some care, especially near our campus.

My point of writing this opinion piece isn’t to bash anyone. I just felt like you should hear from a Springfield resident.

Some will talk about the car break-ins but no one knows who is doing that. It could very well be someone on our campus. It could very well be a Springfield resident.

But for the most part, Springfield residents don’t bother the campus.

Panhandlers don’t walk around our campus asking for money, residents don’t try to sneak into buildings, and when we’re out walking late on the weekends to the townhouses or nearby houses to party, no one bothers us.

Students will say how bad Springfield is, but also get drunk on the weekends and party on the streets that they have no idea about.

It mind boggles me.

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