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Detore: With the start of final exams, a whirlwind year comes to an end

.@danieladetore: "Nothing says, “Welcome home” quite like some blood-red Christmas trees, am I right?”

Daniela Detore

Yet another 15-week semester wraps up, admittingly, far from nicely. There’s always tears shed for a multitude of reasons; some being stress and on the latter half, maybe you will finally come in contact with the very diploma that we’re all hellbent over.

If that’s you, congrats on graduating. And if it’s finals stress that seems to be getting the best of you, my advice is, strap in, remain diligent, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. But, fear not, the end is always in sight.

The end of a four-year era of stress ruling over your life with an iron first, or simply just a really, really bad year, has finally arrived.

2018 has been scary.

Every time I sit down to put the thoughts to words and my opinion to legitimacy, I cringe. The thought of someone hating my words so much that they seek to rip my them out of my mouth to silence me, actually frightens me. Sounds crazy, right?

But, that’s what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. He was a Saudi journalist and author, and a Washington Post Global Opinions contributing columnist. In his last Post column, before going missing in Turkey, and eventually being found in pieces, he wrote about how the Arab world needed more free press and more outlets for expression into the world.

Then they murdered him.

And not one word from the man that we call Mr. President.

But, are you surprised? Trump has such a great rapport with journalists and the media today that you’d expect him to open an investigation and go to war for an American, through and through.

As far as I’m concerned, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi could have been fake news. We know how our president feels about journalists and even worse, journalists that press governing bodies. Watch out Jim Acosta, a banished White House press-pass might have been a warning rather than the wrath of the big man himself. Acosta should take the revoked press pass as a you’re welcome, from the man, the myth, the legend.

Donald Trump is media.

Donald Trump, our Donald Trump, the man loves Twitter. Reflecting back to when the 45th President took office back in 2016, one of the first things that headlined was that he was going to remain active on Twitter without any public relations or communications experts monitoring his activity … which panned out lovely.

It made for great quote tweets. Probably some of the funniest content I’ve seen on Twitter in the last year has been either quote tweets or short video compilations of Trump waving around his little tiny finger.

Now, I’m not getting political or anything, he can deny Global Warming, enforce the wall and anti-immigration acts or continue to deport the parents of U.S citizens and lock up their children in dog-like kennels and call it justice, all he wants. If it gets any hotter in this place, there will be no need for spray tans and maybe this could be a good thing for the world.

However, every time he goes rogue, on live television mind you, a two-minute video unfolds on my timeline of Trump waving around his tiny hands and rally crying, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Well, America, how great do we feel right now?

We have to feel pretty damn good because we have a Yale-grad sitting on the Supreme Court! Fist bump for higher education!

Whatever it takes right, Brett?

Brett Kavanaugh is a man that stops at nothing, even ask Christine Blasey Ford… She knows.

And I know.

And I think you know, too.

But what you might not know is that Donald Trump paid off two alleged victims for their silence to become president. I’d like to find a person across all 50 states who believes money isn’t power.

However, It didn’t work as well as you would have expected, money for silence, it still surfaced and he still became president so how about that for moral treason!

Or just treason in general. Senior officials in the Trump administration are conspiring behind his back to thwart his worst inclinations as president. Or so an anonymous letter confirmed that was leaked to the New York Times addressed from the cabinet to the people to bring solace.

Yet his Twitter hasn’t been deactivated? Hackers, where have we been? Are we waiting for the invitation?

But, how are we expecting to find solace when the Trump administration is preparing to deport the largest group of legal Cambodian Immigrants right now. By Dec. 19, an expected 46 people will arrive in Cambodia. Most of these immigrants hold green cards and, even worse,  were granted refugee status by the United States during the Khmer Rouge Massacres.

During the genocide an estimated 1.871-million people resulted in the population loss during the time period of 1975-1979. That’s anywhere from 21-24 percent of the Cambodian population.

Well, let’s make sure to welcome them home this holiday season!

And nothing says, “Welcome home” quite like some blood-red Christmas trees, am I right?

The Trumps decorated the White House this holiday season with– I kid you not–red trees. I’m trying to decipher the fashion statement but nothing about it screams “high fashion”, given that Ivanka Trump owned her own clothing line. If anything, I burst into laughter when I first saw the pictures because they looked like they were on fire. And then I stopped because on the other coast, California was actually on fire.

The whole thing, fire. With temperatures rising 2-3 degrees above the average, it makes California’s environment even more prone to wildfire outbreaks.

But, global warming is just a hoax and red trees and spray tans are a political strategy.

Life looks and feels like its upside-down.

But, the end of a four-year era of a spray-tanned tyrant ruling over our lives with an iron first–or maybe just a grave political mistake on our parts– is coming to an end. 2019 marks one more year of surviving a high-school drama filled presidency.

So, here’s to the home stretch.

Photo courtesy of Time Magazine

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