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Different Personalites, Same Goal: Kevin Moss and Rhian Duggan set to lead Pre-Camp

Dave Seronick

Staff Writer

Chocolate and vanilla, day and night, warm and cold, Rhian Duggan and Kevin Moss.

Although it may sound like a paradox, all of these things are opposites but share similarities.

Despite their differences, both Duggan and Moss are set to lead the Pre-Camp orientation program as the 2011-12 Pre-Camp co-chair leaders.

Upon meeting the duo, one would instantaneously come to the realization that the two possess totally different personalities. Moss tends to be more gregarious and in-your-face, while Duggan is more reserved and calm. However, more importantly, both are two of the most welcoming and friendly campus leaders.

Regardless of the two’s differences in personalities, they share the same goal which is to make the 2012 Pre-Camp the best one yet.

Both pre-campers in 2009, Moss and Duggan only hope that they can make next years’ incoming freshmen experience as enjoyable as theirs was.

Moss recalls that Pre-Camp “broke the barriers” about the things freshmen are worried about, such as being able to afford books, keeping up grades and making new friends, to name a few.

“It strips that all away and gets down to the nitty-gritty,” Moss added.

Duggan agrees. Although admitting how tough it is to put into words her adoration towards Pre-Camp, she simply stated, “I was very shy during Pre-Camp, but I absolutely loved it.”

Grateful for the opportunity and experiences Pre-Camp allowed and gave them, Duggan and Moss felt the need to continue on with it. After their freshman Pre-Camp experience, both applied to be Pre-Camp leaders, a prestigious and difficult position to obtain. After applying, they were both selected, to their excitement, as leaders for their sophomore and junior years.

Since only incoming seniors can be co-chair leaders, Moss and Dugan knew that this year was their chance to get the position. During this year’s Pre-Camp, while all of the Pre-Campers were getting ready for a costume-themed dance, Moss, Dugan and others stood in front of their fellow leaders declaring why they believed they should be the new co-chair leaders. Once the two had said their pieces, it was time to wait.

Later that evening, Duggan and Moss received the news they had been waiting for: they were the new co-chair Pre-Camp leaders.

This decision did not go unappreciated.

“I was extremely happy and excited,” Duggan said. “But I was also honored that everyone trusted Kevin and I with running a program that’s so close to everyone’s hearts.”

Moss couldn’t agree more and added, “To be selected by people I hold with the highest respect is empowering and a huge honor.”

However, once elected, it was not smooth sailing for the two. In fact, their workloads have just begun.

Assistant Director of Student Activities and the Campus Union, Annie Warchol said, “The time they [Duggan and Moss] put in over the course of the academic year is intense.”

She added the duo are responsible for running year-round meetings to help “develop a comprehensive program for 70 incoming first-year students.”

They are also responsible for managing the budget of the program, as well as selecting the 2012 Pre-Camp Leaders.

Though their tasks may seem plentiful, the two look at this opportunity with great optimism and feel that they each have something special to offer to next year’s Pre-Camp.

Even though she admits she is shy, Duggan feels that she can “relate to those freshmen who are like me and help them realize that not all leaders are loud and outgoing. It is important to have all types of leaders and help them feel more comfortable.”

On the other hand, Moss believes that his passion is what sets him apart.

“I truly have a passion for this program. I truly enjoy it, and it means a lot to me,” Moss said. “It’s even hard for me to put down on paper what exactly Pre-Camp means to me, but it means the world to me.”

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