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Home Show Ready for 102nd Year

Nick Lovett

Staff Writer

This weekend is Homecoming at Springfield College, which means the annual Home Show is upon us. The Home Show is entering its 102nd year.

It has been said that you “have to see it” in order to fully understand the gravity of the event. The stands in Blake Arena are always filled to capacity with students, alumni and families, all ready to be dazzled by the athletic and artful show the gymnastics team will perform.

Women’s gymnastics coach Cheryl Raymond, now in her 32nd year, is always excited for the annual Home Show.

“It’s a very big part of Homecoming at Springfield College,” Raymond said. “To me, it’s just an exciting time because I get to showcase the sport I love.”

From the time she started, the Home Show has become a bigger performance with more special effects, lighting and costuming. The performance has “evolved” because the audience expects it to get bigger and better with each year.

Cassie Lynagh is a freshman gymnast who heard about the Home Show before she came to Springfield and is very excited to participate in it for the first time.

“I’m really excited,” Lynagh said. “The upperclassmen are saying that both sides of the bleachers are going to be completely full. It’s exciting to be performing at that kind of level.”

Lynagh is a part of five numbers including the opening act, a dance with just the women’s team and a Valentine’s Day number. The preparation for this event is strenuous to say the least. Practices can be five hours long or even longer.  The gymnasts have even coined this week “Hell Week.”

The upperclassmen give Lynagh and the other freshmen advice on how to deal with the stresses of the show and having to balance practice schedule with their classes and homework. All the stress and pressure they are under now, though, will be worth it after Friday and Saturday when they finish their shows and amaze the crowd.

This year’s Home Show has the theme of the calendar year: special events and holidays. Some of the numbers include New Year’s Eve, the Rose Bowl, April Fool’s Day, the First Day of School and Halloween. These are just a few of the many events that will be portrayed. The show will be held on Friday, Oct. 14, and Saturday, Oct. 15 in Blake Arena.

Tickets are being sold in Cheney Hall and will also be sold at the door both days.

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