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Dressing Comfy and Cute with Gym Attire

fashionTaylor Hassa
Staff Writer

As we all know, college students rarely get up and get dressed nicely for class. Girls will try to look their absolute best for the first week of classes and then promptly resort to cute, but comfy gym attire.

When done correctly, this look can be just that: really cute. It is also a great choice because, let’s face it, we all try and get to the gym, so wearing gym clothes all day makes it more convenient to do that.

Just like with all looks, however, there are some do’s and do not’s that can really make or break an outfit.
For example, there is a difference between dressing to be comfy and dressing like you just rolled out of bed.

When it comes to this comfy but cute style, you can wear yoga pants, spandex or shorts and still look dressed. If you throw on sweatpants that are baggy and gross, you may as well have just stayed in bed.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what you should wear! Yes, spandex shorts and pants are super cute and super flattering. However, wearing super tight pants and a super tight shirt just makes you look silly.

Keep some things to the imagination. Wear a cute T-shirt or loose tank top with spandex pants and you’ll totally rock the cute gym look.

Now, gym fashion is not just for girls. Men try and look good at the gym, too. Sometimes they try to look too good, actually.

We all know that muscles on a guy are super sexy, but they are even sexier when they aren’t being flaunted due to a guy’s outfit choice.

Wear a tight T-shirt to show your muscles off but don’t wear a tight tank and stand in the mirror flexing all day. Most girls do not find that attractive. We find it annoying.

Lastly, both guys and girls, don’t be afraid to add some color to your workout wardrobe. Color is nice to see because it makes things pop and sets a happy tone.

So with that, keep your gym clothes classy and hit the gym hard as many days a week as you can. The more you go to the gym, the better those spandex shorts will look!

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