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Emma Jacque spends her summer in school

Jack Margaros

Emma Jacque
Brimfield, MA
Athletic Training
Summer job: Worked at Burgess Elementary school with disabled children

Emma Jacque spent the summer working with disabled elementary school children at Burgess Elementary School in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

“I worked at a summer school for kids with intense special needs. You basically just continue all their school work from the school year,” Jacque said. “They do physical therapy and regular education.”

This job has been a mainstay for over half a decade for the second year student. After volunteering for most summers, she has moved to a paid position.

“I loved it. It was my sixth or seventh year doing it. I volunteered for the first four, so this is my third year getting paid. It’s awesome,” she said.

The job was rewarding not only because she got practical training in her field of study, but satisfying to lend a hand to children in need. This year more than ever, Jacque saw the latter of those put into action.

“This year was a lot more kids with more learning disabilities. Usually we have a lot of physically handicapped kids. This year was a lot more kids who were doing more education stuff instead of just physical therapy, occupational therapy and stuff like that,” she said.

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