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Communications/Sports Journalism major Ian Snowdeal travels to Texas for the summer

Tirzah McMillan

Ian Snowdeal
Belfast, Maine
Sports Journalism
Summer job: Intern for Empire Marketing in Plano, Texas

Born and raised in Belfast, Maine sophomore Ian Snowdeal leaped out of his comfort zone and flew cross country to Plano, Texas for an internship position with Empire Marketing. The sophomore was a salesman for Pesti, a bug pesticide brand that required door-to-door trips to accumulate purchases.

“I think I improved my journalism skills a lot,” said Snowdeal. “Just going out there, being able to ask questions, it was like having an interview with every person you talked with.”


Snowdeal was away from home from May 13th until August 17th which gave him plenty of time to get well acquainted with his customers.

While in Texas, he enjoyed a pleasant living experience.

“I moved into a beautiful house with ten other people and I built friendships that will last forever,” he said. “We had a morning meeting every day at 11 a.m. about our goals,” explained Snowdeal. “At first nobody was really about it but we would get hype afterwards and break a huddle saying, ‘sell Pesti, [destroy] Terminix on three!’”

Snowdeal quickly realized how to live while supporting himself.
“I learned a lot about being on your own,” he said. “I had to pay rent, buy my own food, my own cleaning supplies, and I lived in a house with ten other people but I had to rely on myself.”

Although Snowdeal is a sports journalism major, the experience in marketing and sales provided him with fresh perspective.

“Just be yourself,” Snowdeal said. “No matter who you are interviewing or who you are talking to just be the most authentic person you can be because it does matter what people think of you as a journalist,” he explained. “You need a good image so be the best person you can be and go all out.”

With his first internship down in the books, the 6’ 7” Snowdeal will continue to keep shooting for the stars even though he can already almost reach them. Almost.

Photo courtesy of Ian Snowdeal

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