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Fantasy Flashback 1998

Greg Allen & Shawn McFarland

Staff Editors

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

There was once a time before Tom Brady, a time when the Jets won the AFC east and had a record of 12-4. Other players dominated the league the way Brady has in 2015 on the revenge tour. 1998 was one of the last Brady-less years, but it was still a good one for the National Football League. Week seven was particularly special as stars like Vinny Testaverde and Barry Sandars shined bright. Let’s hop in the time machine and take a look at who would have dominated fantasy leagues across the world in 1998’s week seven.

Vinny Testaverde was the best quarterback as he tore apart the New England Patriots by throwing three touchdowns and airing it out for 294 yards.

Keith Poole had a great day catching the ball as he caught two touchdowns and had 154 receiving yards.

Antonio Freeman was also helpful for his quarterback as he was goof for 126 yards and two touchdowns.

Barry Sanders was, well, Barry Sanders. He had a great week running for 155 yards and a touchdown for the Lions against the Green Bay Packers.

Jamaal Anderson would have been another good choice at running back. He scampered around the field and avoided defenders for a touchdown on 132 yards.

And finally, your defensive stud was Hough Douglas as he was able to take down the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage four and a half times.

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