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Keith Rodman

Contributing Writer

default-featimageThe Springfield College football team continues to turn heads with 35 unanswered points in the second half of last week’s win over the Statesman. Abruptly ending Hobart’s 24-game win streak in the Liberty League conference over the past 4 years. No, the seas did not have to part nor did the stars need to align for this 22nd nationally ranked team to fall, for it was an accumulated effort of each man on the field executing their one-eleventh and “doing their job” as the coaches always preach, working towards one goal.

This victory essentially bounces the Pride back into good standing to obtain a Liberty League title, once again boosting moral all throughout the program. With four more games left the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to flicker within range, giving, especially the seniors on this team, a mentality to fight like there’s no tomorrow.

Unlike most years where the senior class dwindles down to merely a hand full, this Pride carries many aged lions in the pack who carry experience and insight into the locker-room with them. This is a crucial piece as the season passes its halfway marker, seeing as how last year’s team started to struggle to find its way around this time of the year before (ending the season 0-4). If this year’s team holds on to anything, it’s the idea that it isn’t how you start but how you finish that matters.

As mistakes from the past are corrected and internal support between players and coaches grow stronger, Springfield will be looking to use its momentum from its two-game win streak to steamroll Merchant Marine on their own home field. The Pride also potentially have a couple of offensive players returning, such as senior center Pat Burns and senior running back Andrew Alty once again adding to that veteran poise within this football roster. With both teams committing to a triple-option offense you can expect a majority of the game to be a ground and pound type of style. Nothing really flashy, but you can also expect a lot of the time on the clock to be eaten up by both run games.

Each offensive will force the defenses to be the most assignment-sound they’ve ever been in order to properly stop the triple-option. Due to the government lockout two years ago forcing Merchant Marine to shutdown temporarily, the Pride have not had an opportunity to play at Kings Point in four years, which should be an interesting feel. Other than this, once again conference play will be taking place with a team who is still hungry for their first win over Springfield College in the Liberty League. This Merchant Marine team will be no light work as they attempt to put out the fire the Pride has fought to keep lit this year.

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