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Fun in the Sun: Students Enjoy Warm Weather

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

Last week, Springfield College experienced a much needed heat wave. Starting on Monday, March 18th, the warm weather rolled in and was there to stay until Friday.

The heat came as a pleasant surprise to almost everyone on campus. Students went from jeans and hoodies to shorts and tank tops. It was a week that gave everyone a taste of the summer to come.

What a lot of people love about this campus is how active it is. As soon as the sun was up, there were students to be found playing games and having fun on just about every patch of grass on campus.

“I played Kan Jam outside with some friends,” said freshman Joe Guarino. Kan Jam is a game played with a frisbee and the object is to get the frisbee into a bucket of some kind before your opponent. This game is a favorite here at Springfield College.

There were also footballs and baseballs being thrown back and forth just about everywhere you looked. And the girls were laying out in the sun working on their tans.

“I enjoyed laying out in the sun, catching up on some school work,” said Chantalle Ralda.

And of course, some of the girls couldn’t just lay out in peace; they had to have water balloons thrown at them.

However, many of the girls found it to be a refreshing surprise!

It was a week full of sun, fun and laughter, and the students here at SC made the most out of the nice days.

Hopefully, the warm weather will be back soon!

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