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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Spring Skirt Selection

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

After what seems like no winter at all, springtime has arrived. And when the weather changes, the fashions change.

During the spring, women like to start showing their legs in order to get relatively tan, so their ghost white legs don’t frighten anyone come summer.

Skirts become a very popular springtime purchase. Mostly because not only do they look great, but they can be found relatively inexpensive. They also come in all different styles, making it easy for every woman to find something for them.

The first and most popular skirt style for spring is the sporty skirt look. Most women are more comfortable knowing there are shorts under the skirt. This look is also popular because women work out a lot during the spring in order to sculpt the perfect bikini body for the summer.

The next skirt that is fun for spring is the pleated skirt. This skirt can be long if you’re going to work or need something a bit more formal and covering but still fun. Pleated skirts can also be short in order to express a more flirty side. These skirts are the perfect spring purchase.

Pencil skirts are a staple when it comes to spring fashion. It is tight and sexy, but also office friendly. This skirt is flattering on all women because it shows off the curves you want shown. And for an even nicer fit, try a higher-waisted pencil skirt.

Now for my personal favorite skirt for spring: the maxi skirt! These skirts are fun, sexy and perfect for women of all sizes. They come in bright colors and all different lengths and styles. They also happen to be ridiculously comfortable.

The 1980’s tiered skirts are back in style this spring. You can choose from the brightly colored or lacey ‘80s-inspired tiered skirts for a truly retro look. Try these skirts in all different lengths and prints to spice up your wardrobe.

The last skirt is the flared skirt. These skirts rest on your hips and offer no limitations. The way they move when you walk offers a flirty, springtime look. These skirts also come in long and short styles depending on your taste.

These six skirt trends for spring 2012 will make your spring a fun and flirty one. Don’t be afraid to try new things this spring and always remember, bold is in!

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