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Functional training equipment added to the Wellness Center

Danny Priest
News Editor

For students who have visited the second floor of the Wellness Center since returning to campus from winter break, they may have noticed a revamped area featuring new equipment.

That area, which opened on February 1, is a functional training center that Springfield College put in over the break.

“Functional Training has been on the top five list for trends in the fitness industry for the past 5-10 years,” said Kristen Brosius, the Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness at the College.

“For us, it made sense, given how active our college community is, to create and dedicate a space that improves daily function of our participants. That’s really why we did it.”

Since much of the equipment is brand new, there are orientation workshops being offered to students over the course of the next eight weeks to help them get comfortable with, and make use of, the new equipment.

“We’re offering 12 functional equipment orientation training workshops. We’re offering four in the morning, four at noon, and four at 7 p.m. to sort of accommodate the entire college community,” said Brosius.

The Rec. Center staff purposely scheduled the orientations to begin now and carry on for weeks to come, in an attempt to build the popularity of the new area.

“We did that intentionally to get people comfortable earlier in their semester, so that they could enjoy the equipment before students leave before the end of the spring,” Brosius said.

Coming in the fall of 2019, students will also be able to take part in a dynamic new program that involves the new equipment.

“We purchased a program called ‘Move It’ which will be a small group training program that we’re going to offer,” said Brosius. “That’s a way for participants to engage in functional training, while also participating in a group exercise setting, which I think will be fun for patrons.”

Until then, students can now begin using the new area on the second floor and attend one of the workshops if they’d like to familiarize themselves on how to best make use of the equipment.

“I think students will jump right in, which is what’s really exciting about it. I think it’ll be utilized most of every day, and so that’s part of the reason we looked into purchasing this equipment in the first place,” said Brosius.

“This type of equipment I think was made for our student body, and of course the entire college community is welcome to use it, employees included,” she added. “But I do think our students will really enjoy functional training space.”

Photo Courtesy: Gage Nutter/The Student

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