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Unhinge the Binge

By Tirzah McMillan
Lifestyle Editor

The Student’s Lifestyle Editor Tirzah McMillan gives her take on the best shows to binge on Netflix in the new year.

The second semester has officially begun, and back to school means back to figuring out what to do with all that free time in between classes. You could grab a bite to eat at Cheney with some friends, speed walk over to the gym and continue with a sweat inducing cardio session, or you could sit back, relax, and watch some Netflix.

Being a college student is stressful, so taking a break is never a bad idea — whether the break lasts for 30 minutes, or an entire day is completely up to personal preference. This being said, no matter what you choose to do in your free time, nothing beats watching a good ole’ movie or television series to pass the time.

Netflix has loads of binge worthy options, but if you are indecisive like me, choosing something to watch can be challenging and time consuming. So, here are a few suggestions to help kick start the search for some wholesome entertainment.  

Black Mirror

First aired in Britain in 2011, Black Mirror is a modern twist on the Twilight Zone and caught fire in 2014 when it was released on Netflix. Each show within the series has its own unique characters, plot, and writers that explore the skepticism and paranoia towards modern society and its rapidly evolving technology. The episodes vary in length and tend to be dark and satirical, but if you are into science-fiction and weird s***, this series is for you.

Sex Education

For starters, this show is way more stimulating than your Wellness class. Not to mention, with only eight episodes, you can zoom through this show in a day if you have the dedication and willpower to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Featuring Otis, an insanely awkward high school student with no experience in the sexy-time department, who lives with his mom Jean, who is ironically a sex therapist.

Unknowingly, Otis has somewhat become an expert on the subject, and in an unlikely series of events, teams up with the “bad girl” of the school, Maeve. What starts out as an unorthodox therapy business on campus, unravels into a delightful, sometimes awkward, but mostly funny story about self-discovery and sexuality.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

In this series, tidying expert Marie Kondo uses the ‘KonMari’ method from her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up, to help her clients reorganize their homes, and refocus their lives. In this day and age, everyone is busy — leaving their homes and most prized possessions often neglected, and in a cluttered mess.

She encourages people to get rid of anything that does not make them feel joy, and for those of us knee deep in schoolwork and future student debt, we could use some of that. Two beds, one dorm room — perhaps after watching this refreshing home makeover series, Marie Kondo’s helpful hints can clear the pathway for happiness, college style.


Entertaining and real, Shameless is about the Gallagher family. With their father Frank being an alcoholic, and their mother absent, the group of six kids manages to raise themselves, led by the guidance of their eldest sister, Fiona. They are not your typical All-American family, but they sure as heck are crafty, and manage to make it by and love one another as best as they know how. The drama is captivating and will keep you surprised and entertained for hours.

Grace and Frankie

Happily retired with husbands who work together as successful divorce lawyers, Grace and Frankie have been rivals for as long as they can remember. The women’s unexpected demise occurs when their husbands sheepishly admit to having fallen in love with one another. Despite their adamant disdain for one another, the two women rely on each other, and slowly but surely transform from foe to friend in this unexpected new phase of their lives.

Dear White People

Created and executively produced by Justin Simien, the director of the original film of the same name, took the movie and remade it into 10, bite-size, episodial pieces. The show zeroes in on a group of students of color going to a predominantly white Ivy League school.

Logan Browning stars as college-radio host Samantha White, who uses her radio program to tackle the issues surrounding a society that hasn’t quite left racist ideals behind. Brutally honest, and comically relieving, this candid series offers a culturally conscious lense into the perspective of social injustice.

The Office

A personal favorite of mine, filled with dry humor that I can recite like Bible verses, The Office is the U.S. spin-off version of the series that originally aired in the United Kingdom. It features the staff of the down-sizing paper company, Dunder Mifflin, in their daily lives.

The cringe-worthy mockumentary is nothing short of loveable, and depicts relatable characters that may very well be an accurate reflection of some of your mom and dad’s “work friends.” The first season is kind of rough, but after that, the only sad episode you will watch is the finale. Did I mention that there are nine seasons? Yeah. Start binging, like now.

Avengers: Infinity War

Jam packed with action and a remarkable cast, Avengers: Infinity War is enjoyable to watch for all Marvel Fans. For those who do not watch Marvel movies, it can be quite confusing, but a thrill nonetheless. Focused on defeating the evil Thanos, all of the Avengers team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther to collect all six infinity stones before Thanos uses their power to wipe out half of all life throughout the universe.

The film was all the rage when it released back in April of 2018, and is still worth the watch. If for some reason you are having a bad day and want the world to prematurely end, you know who to call.


If you haven’t seen all the memes on twitter already, don’t go looking, or else you might die. Ha, get it? If not it is okay, you will soon. Starring Sandra Bullock, this psychological, sci-fi thriller captures the journey of a woman and her kids attempting to escape an evil entity. This mysterious force rapidly spread around the nation. It lures you in with your worst fears, and if you look, you lose your life. On their way to find sanctuary and safety, the woman and her children embark on a dangerous trip down a river requiring them to be blindfolded the entire time. Whether it lives up to all the hype is your decision, but it is always nice to partially understand Twitter memes.

Incredibles 2

The superhero family that everyone wishes they were apart of, and a distinct memory in every ‘90s baby’s childhood — The Incredibles. Back for a second adventure, the family of five is having a hard time transitioning to the “normal life.” Bob has become a stay-at-home dad, while Helen basks in the limelight of her new found success. Violet and Dash are itching to use their superpowers again, but baby Jack-Jack is almost too incredible to handle. As a new villain emerges, the family must work together and find a balance as they walk the fine line between suburban and super. This Disney sequel is sure not to disappoint.  

If none of these awesome suggestions are your cup of tea, then you have to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Don’t even try denying it.


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