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GrooveBoston Moves Springfield

Cole Hallee

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of GrooveBoston Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of GrooveBoston Facebook page.

On the evening of Saturday, September 12, Springfield College’s famed Blake Arena played host to the phenomenon otherwise known as GrooveBoston.

Carrying an admirable message of partying responsible to the tune of electronic dance music (EDM), this year’s incarnation of the promotion was titled the Ethos Tour.

Amidst an energetic crowd of students, I stood fixated on the DJ who seemingly controlled the crowd’s cadence and dictated our rhythm. As the night grew longer, the intensity of the atmosphere increased.

With DJ Itunes beginning the night steadily with traditional top 40 hits, the transition continued when DJ Maddy V commanded the stage, beginning to mix the popular music with more unconventional EDM beats.

The final hour was piloted by DJ Bobby, whose electro vibrations were coupled with equally impressive laser light shows, only adding to the ambiance. Maria Francese, advisor for the Campus Activities Board, stressed the day prior to the event that Springfield College was about to witness a “one of a kind experience” and “nothing we’ve ever seen.”

All of this was made possible by various student-run organizations such as SC After Dark and the Student Government Association. Maria explained how EDM was an “all-inclusive” and “cost-effective” alternative to the conventional party scene.

Such a large scale event typically doesn’t manifest so early in the year, and with the preparation time comparable to “booking a wedding,” as Maria remarked, all those involved and responsible for the nearly year-long planning of an event lasting a few hours is simply incredible and commendable.

In a school so rich in history and tradition, perhaps GrooveBoston will return in the near future, touting their new tour name and ready to perform in front of a familiar but slightly altered sea of young faces.

“That’s how tradition starts,” Maria said.

So if you enjoyed yourself Saturday, keep your ear to the wind. You may not have seen the last of GrooveBoston at Springfield College.

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